Play Selection In Sample Editor

When selecting a part of a sample in the sample editor and press any note on the keyboard, it plays the whole sample - not the selection.
The expected behaviour is to play the highlighted part in the pitch desired, but instead, the whole sample plays.

reproduce it:

  1. load any sample of any length.
  2. select a part of that sample.
  3. press any key as note on the keyboard.
  4. now the whole samples plays, not the selection. :unsure:

I’m afraid that is the way it has always worked and the way it is expected to work. Not a bug.

Return key will play selection but only at default pitch.

Use “play selection” in Sample Editor.
Sample Editor → Play Selection → Playback.

I’ve got it mapped to Space. so I just select a segment and then play the segment. Of course, it ignores loop-points etc, because it just plays the selection.

I attached the situation, since I cannot believe that we always have to click a pitch/note and press enter/space while we have a fully working keyboard plugged in.
So the sample editor is for non-live purposes only I guess :(
I never saw this solved in early releases, and I thought it’s about time. ^_^

Yeah, tell me about it - there’s no way of recording sample editor jammings (loop changes, etc) directly to a new sample. Maybe some day!
(please no mentions of “soundflower out, soundflower in, record!” - it’s not a 1) native solution 2) functional solution 3) a solution ;) )

I can only do some basic PHP coding, but if I could find someone to recode this I would sure buy/donate a license for that coder!
It would mean many evenings of inspiration, and re-inventing of your current samples.
Imagine the inspiration! :w00t:

Why not? With scripting you can copy selections to other samples or instruments and record the results into the pattern editor. It’s a bit of a hassle but not entirely impossible.

let me try and re-describe:
I have a selected instrument. I’m in the sample editor. I’m keyjazzing on my PC Keyboard. I modify the loop points on the fly, while jamming. I’m playing something, while modifying sample loop lengths, points, etc. This wants to be recorded to a new sample. Directly. “Press button, keyjazz + modify sample loop lengths, press button → sample has been recorded”. This can’t be done unless if you change to Soundflower-out and Soundflower-in, enable sample recorder dialog, and start sampling. then if i want to hear what i’m playing, i’ll have to switch output to something else, etc.

To be able to record natively would be very useful. It’s just these kinds of “load an instrument, slam a bunch of notes while recording” → new instrument / new riff / who knows what . Yes, you can spend ages writing the notes down to the pattern editor, but that is more thought out than a happy accident :)

I overread the loopingpart. I was discussing playing of "selections’ with an alternate pitch. Not recording notes when loop-markers are moved.
IT-Alien made this midi mappable loop-marker script once, i don’t know whether it evolved to 2.7, but depending on using that script as a base and a virtual midi cable and then applying an LFO to a Midi control device that controls an instrument which is broadcasting the signals to the MIDI out, you might be able to fumble something technically automatable yet dynamic. But i never looked into IT-Alien’s script that closely to be sure one can use the script or the basic idea to this level.

Look vV, playing a selection with a different pitch is entirely possible.
That is not the point.

It is the amount of steps to get to the same point, and that takes out the “flow”, the creativity.
Writing music, and discovering new viewpoints on a sample is something that should go fast and easy.
Else, you lose the attention and don’t want to bother anyway - lost creativity.

Really, try it - load a sample, make a selection of that sample.
How cool would it be to directly “test” your new found “sample”?
But no, now you first have to make a cut out of it, copy it to a new sample or trim the rest.
And if it does not sound you have to delete it and try another piece.
In the same time, i tested 15 slices of sample to use it as an instrument :)

Last but not least, it should be a fun tool for live performers, it is something that cannot be easily done with a plugin.


I really want this fixed in a new beta or something, if it works the way I describe it, it will rock! :guitar:

I agree it would be great to have… I also believe it would be great to have a poll or vote section in the Forums where people can vote for necessary features or wanted features.
But until then I think we have to do with what we have since the renoise team is hard at work trying to finish this release, we should give them a chance to wrap up 2.8.
Just my thoughts although I do like your idea very much

The idea is really great, but it is not a bug that it currently doesn’t act like you desire so chances are slim it will happen for 2.8 unfortunately.

Thank you, at least few people like you see it :)
It is almost like it is meant to be in there but feels like unfinished code or something :rolleyes:
Ok lets not get tough on the coders, because you are absolutely right - there are a lot of other top priorities to handle.