What is the most wanted feature you would like ?

there are already tools for doing this: http://www.renoise.com/tools/rubberband-timestretch-pitch-shift

does this really need to be shouted from the rooftops once again?

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That sounds a lot less oppressive…

sounds good :)

i didn’t want to annoy anyone. i just tried to help, so no reason to be offensive.

To arm my most wanted feature with arguments: https://forum.renoise.com/t/play-selection-in-sample-editor/34847

Select a sample slice : go keyjazz like crazy to hear new soundsbites.
I guess its an ultra simple edit for the developer, yet no dev would take the 3 minutes to edit it sad.gif

maybe simple steps biggrin.gif

  1. select a piece of sample.
  2. press random key.
  3. hear the piece of sample in different pitch…

I’d shove out 60 euro 300 dollar easily to fix this, if not even more :confused:

Another one I’d really use a lot would be an option for Import of MIDI Files… I have lots of own loops and some of them would take me a hard time to reconstruct in renoise without an import Midi option.
Still I can combine daws, but maybe such option could be implemented someday.

You are aware that you can load MIDI files, right? Try dragging a MIDI file on top of Renoise, or double-click in the browser…

I’d argue that it could be improved - perhaps that is what you meant - but basic MIDI import is working and has been for a long time.
Tip: if you want to use your MIDI clips in a Renoise song, launch a separate instance of Renoise and copy/paste between the two :slight_smile:

thank you danoise. Tbh I hoped that it really existed but as noobish as I still am with Renoise I just couldn’t find it. Also, very cool your advice with 2 instances for copy and paste work. I’ll give it a go tomorrow.Cheers!

What? How do you want to use IFFT in a daw? I mean, as a user, because under the hood it’s used all the time (I assume). If you have such needs then write your own plugins or switch to more appropiate tools…

that was just an idea for the sampler/tracker, some very basic resynthesis, like… clicking [x] sample => spectrum, then renoise ffts the sample (when you click the checkbox and maybe when you change the sample), and iffts for playing, as long as that checkbox would be enabled, it was actually just some antialiasing thought, some alternative to wavetables…

i guess it’s wrong to ask for something like that without talking about the implications, like… would there be a frequeny bins editor and how would it look like in the end… or… what synthesizer am i thinking of… well, probably sytrus or zynaddsubfx, … now one could argue endlessly that renoise was some certain kind of daw that should not contain something that can be seen as plug-in… you know… “native solution des…” whoops… ;)

Lv2 support and modular fx routing like in Jost. Until one of these I am sticking at 2.8

A native Renoise Vocoder would be great too

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A bedspring that sticks out the screen and works as a spring reverb would be cool.

Recieve device. The one that can recieve input from send device. So paraller effects in one chain should be possible. So much needed and high-tek… :panic:


Toggle keyjazz on just a selection or the whole sample.
Would pay 100 euros for that feature alone easily. :yeah:

autoseek for phrases

The addition of internal MIDI routing coinciding with the removal of the STUPIDLY large MIDI IN and MIDI OUT labels in the MIDI monitoring section which just make it harder to read the MIDI information.
Do the labels really need to be there at all??? The words “eye sore” come to mind.

Virtual DAW Controller and Keyjazz.

1.Audio Time stretching
2.Native Modular Synth
3.Zoomable Pattern Editor
4.Internal Midi Routing

it already has a good Arranger

in my opinion not necessary for a tracker…

Piano Roll
Audio Tracks