Playback at the note off location

I need help for my new project where I play long discourse samples. I need that the sample always start at the note off location (where I released the key) and not restart at the beginning.
Is this possible ?
Thanks very much for help

Your post is hard to understand, but do you mean you want your long samples to play from wherever the play cursor is inside the pattern editor, without having to scroll back to the beginning of the sample?

Make sure you enable autoseek in the sample properties for this;

Hi Jonas
Thanks for the answer. I already tried to enable Autoseek but the sample still starts at the beginning. Imagine the sample lasts 10s.I press the key let the sample go for 3 s. I want, when I REPRESS the key, that the sample starts at 3s. and not at the beginning

I don’t believe renoise has that functionality, although it ideally would be able to assign a macro to sample start position. I’ve created an instrument that can do this via phrases, perhaps it will be of some use to you, perhaps not


Thanks very much for this instrument ! Just a question sorry I don’t know what Phrases is. A quick googling haven’t brought me a satisfying answer. Another app ? a Renoise Add-on ?

Ooooh ! Sorry of course I use Renoise just as a sampler with a keyboard and use pure data on the other end. So I’m ashamed !! but I’m an old user and a newbie. I always wanted to learn more but lack of time. Do you think you instrument will work with the sampler side ?

Tried your instrument nice for granularity but always starts at the same point when key 's released.
How would you formulate the fonction : “sample restarts at releasing point” ?

I’m not sure if I understand what you want to achieve. But have you tried the note-off layer in the sampler? This triggers samples upon the note off command.

As you probably know, the sample’s length is dived in segments/slices from 00 to FF. You could trigger the sample and with the sample command 0SXX trigger any of those segments. Depending on what you want to do, you may get it to work like that.

Thanks Eretsua. Apparently the note off layer is triggering a sample at the key release. Sorry I don’t know why I can’t make myself clear on what I want. Is saying that I want to PAUSE the samples and not STOPPING them helps for clearness ?
I never worked with sample command but will check
Thanks for being there

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Ive re-read your comments, you seem to want to be able to play a sample, let go of the key which triggered the sample and the next time you retrigger the sample it pick up from where you left off? Is that correct?

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yes exactly

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That won’t be possible I’m afraid, not as an automatic behaviour anyway. Take the example of your ten second audio file, open the sampler waveform view and get an idea of how much of the sample you would like to play with each keypress. Next, you need to decide if you want to play it in chunks, or just adjust where the sample playback starts when pressed - as you’ll either be chopping the sample up and assigning each slice to its own key on the keyboard OR taking note along the timeline of the sample and when you trigger the sample using the Sxx command (where “xx” is replaced by the hexadecimal value of where along the sample’s length you’d like playback to commence on THAT specific trigger).

Given that Renoise is a tracker, you’ll need to get used to the notion of it doing exactly what you tell it, for better or worse. It took me a while to figure out in the early days the importance of note off commands etc. Renoise is a control freak’s dream DAW, but if you go into it expecting it do assume what you want and anticipate needs or intentions, you’ll have a bad time.

Don’t let the difficulty in expressing yourself put you off asking questions, the forum is fairly quiet but a regular user will usually try to help you given some time.

Happy tracking.

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Thanks very much for your detailed message and for the encouragements ! Both will be helpful.
About my demand, it will not work because I play live improvisation with other and need to pause and restart ad libitum ! It would be a nightmare to forsee it !! I will have to build a PD patch for that I’m affraid
Thanks any way and read you soon on the forum

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