Playing Long Samples In Renoise

Hi all,

I’m looking for a plugin that will play long samples (like guitar or vocal lines) over a number of patterns without me needing to go back to the first pattern to trigger the note.
Looking round on the forum I found someone talking about Energy XT. I tried it out, its what I need except for some reason I cannot assign the vsti to a track, it’s ouput is mapped straight to Renoise’s master output and I therefor cannot tweak the sound in Renoise.

Also, there are a lot of useless features to me in Energy XT, seeing as I only need the sample playback functionality and considering its almost the same price as Renoise, makes it expensive for me considering I only want one feature.

I was wondering if there is another vsti’s that can do this ?

thanks for ur help

Intakt is such a plugin that probably can do that, but for the amount of cash you have to shell out for it, i’ld think you’ld be better off with EnergyXt.

Of course this should work…
This must be a bug.
I think it has something to do with autosuspending changing it back to master, even when you have assign it to a track.
Gonna do some more testing…

btw, eXT can also be both vsti and vst effect.
If you get no sound using the vst eXT, then change the suspend mode in CachedVsts.xml (or send a simple silent audio signal in this track to the eXT vst).

About other plugins…
you can use fx freeze. It’s not cheaper, but has some other features that you might wanna use?

In fx-freeze you can freeze single vsti’s, but you will also get a few new trackfreeze plugins that can record and playback the signal in synch with the host.
To speed things up you can just arm the trackfreeze, solo track and then render song (renoise rendering). When rendering this dummyfile, the trackfreeze plugin will record the track much faster then playing it real-time.
This faster freeze trick is also possible in eXT (vst version).

When using eXT or fx-freeze the easiest way is to use the M-mute in renoise, and not Off-mute. Read more about these problems and possible workarounds in the pinned eXT thread.

I use eXT to lay out vocals in my Renoise tracks. I haven’t had any problems with it…it works!

  1. Load up an energyXT instrument.
  2. In the VST Instrument Properties box in renoise, check the “Assign to Track” checkbox and select which track’s FX you want to route the ouput of eXT to.
  3. UNCHECK the autosuspend box. If eXT is suspended by Renoise, it will not “come back to life”. This is probably a bug …
  4. Within eXT, add a sequencer.
  5. Double click on it it, and in the options menu, select “external sync”.
  6. Now the eXT sequencer will play according to the Renoise position.

I have never had any problems of Renoise loosing it’s “assign to track” setting.

I found the bug:

  • assign eXT to a track
  • enable Auto suspend
  • disable Assign to track
  • enable Assign to track
  • Disable Auto Suspend

now it will play in master until you do a change in the Assigned track.

It’s a feature :) And also a missing feature in some scenarios as I have described in the eXT thread.
I prefer to have auto suspend enabled when eXT is only gonna playback audio tracks.
If not you can’t mute this track (unless you use M-mute, or manually mute track inside eXT). I like to use Off-mute.
To keep the track ‘alive’ just add notes on every row. (works only with the vsti version of eXT).

Why dont we have this built-in on Renoise? Is this hard to implement?

It’s not that hard at all.
There was quite a lot of improvements done in one of the last betas that will make this feature (freeze) much easier to implant in a later version.

But you know… the first public beta had to be released some time. So a line had to be drawn and we had to stop implanting new features.

Audio tracks would indeed be very nice to have in Renoise, but they must be implemented with all necessary tools that are required, to make them really usable. Obviously they shouldn’t be confined to patterns, hopefully vertical, they should have envelopes (volume, pan, VST), editing tools like cut, copy, paste, of course also recording them live… just playing waves would be ok for laying down some ideas, but not enough for serious work. I think it’s better not to have feature at all, than having an uncomplete feature.

Bring on the 1.8 first! :dribble: