Playing Multiple Notes Live With Vsti Which Support Polyphony?

I probably missed a thread about it, as I couldn’t find one with search.

Is there a way we can play multiple notes again in VSTi which are supporting polyphony?

I mean in 1.5 we could jam on our keyboard or usb midi keyboard and trigger multiple notes for chords and stuff.
With 1.8betas it will only allow us to play one note at a time. This happens with every VST we try.

Putting down multiple notes on 1 row in the tracker, works as it should. But it just doesn’t let us do it ‘live’

Is there some configuration option or button I’m missing?


Look for the ‘Chord Mode’ button on the top left:

Heh thanks

Damn I feel stupid. Been looking all over the place in configuration and stuff. Both me and my bro couldn’t find it, but it was right in our face the whole time. Meeeh. have been missing out on the feature since 1.8b1 :D