Playlist.txt Feature Removed?

there was a little-known feature that allowed one to place a file PlayList.txt containing a list of .rns/.xrns files in a single directory that would load the next .rns/.xrns upon a F000. i just tried this out (i’ve used it in the past) and it’s no longer working. has it been removed intentionally?

Yes, it was removed in Renoise 1.9 because it was a huge hack. We should, if we add it again, make it a real more comfortable to use feature…

would be nice :D

as someone said in another thread,it could be usefull for live-use,so please implement this again


just wanted to bump this,as it would be a nice thing to have in renoise :yeah:

In my excessive search for such a feature, I never found this function before 1.9, Would be very sweet to have such a thing back.
I know some are scripting something like this.
Maybe it’s time to have a more open road map for the development in form of a new backstage feature polling.
But then again, maybe the devs first want to finish some fundamental stuff first.

This should be fairly easy to script.

David Konsumer to the rescue? It’s not a playlist tool per se, but there’s some really interesting ideas nevertheless…

He’s talking about the Renoise Router, but be warned: it’s bloody hard to setup in it’s present state. He’s talking about a compiled version though.

Agreed, Everything is there in the API

I would if I could :)

Yes! I read! and it’s really a great tool but indeed hard to setup for now.
But apart from, providing me everything I need MIDI-wise, I don’t see how it could help for the playlist aspect?

Simply using OSC to exchange song positions between two Renoise instances as a DJ set.
Connect script in session one to OSC port in session two and use slave-script in Session two to communicate with master-script in Session one.
Start song in session one, load song in session two. If the end of session one nears, start song in session two, fade out session one and load next song in session one.
Now if you also want to use sequence pointers to have alternative endings in specific songs, this is also still possible to script, but takes it one step further.

Or use PD to control two or more Renoise sessions through OSC and let PD guard the whole playlist events.

Vv you make it sound so simple,everytime i plan to get into this LUA thing it just looks like greek to me :wacko:

You have to start somewhere…
I started following the Lua examples in the tools-menu. Simply copying and pasting snippets to get stuff done.
You have currently a whole library of existing tools at the tip of your fingers to test out., look into and steal snippets of code from.

And ofcourse, with questions:ask ask ask until we all have helped you create hopefully not more than the basics (some folks are asking snippets which eventually formed their whole tool together). The less you ask, the better we can observe you comprehend the material. The more you ask, the more we should consider improving the docs.

yes offcourse your right,you have to start somewhere,maybe if i have time this weekend,i will look more into things


i tried looking into this,but i am completely blank,maybe if someone more skilled could posta snippet to get started?

also was wondering as i have bidule but dont really use it much other than for sound creation,is it possible to instead of using PD then use bidule to control two or more instances of renoise??

I don’t know Bidule from the inside, i notice Bidule supports OSC as well, so that’s a personal matter of trial and error there or someone else should be able to help you out.

Here’s my snippet:


Open a new instance of Renoise and enable the OSC server on that instance. Then run this script on the first instance and push the buttons to see what happens on the second instance of Renoise.