Please recommend me a lightweight Audio Multitrack Recording software for Win 10, and possibly Linux

I’m looking for multitrack audio recording software. Lightweight. Nothing too fancy. Preferably multiplatform, but Win10 is fine.

For simply recording external instruments with efx.

Audacity is too minimal, but other commercial software seems me just too much.

Something that sort of emulates cassette 4tracker workflow feel.


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Though not free, Reaper comes to mind. At $60 it’s not terribly expensive and it is multiplatform.

Don’t know if it’s lightweight. And it certainly is a very capable DAW, so may be more than you need. But I like it a lot so I thought I’d mention it.


Reaper isn’t free, but you can keep using it after the trial expires. It doesn’t gatekeep you away after the demo. Just consider buying it if you enjoy it. It’s also very customizable. I fell in love with it, and there’s absolutely no other DAW like it :slight_smile:

PS: @eretsua It is lightweight! It has the best VST3 performance I’ve seen. My go-to choice for mixing and mastering (since the plugins for this kind of work use lots of CPU and have considerable amount of latency).


yeah, it used to say so on the website. That it keeps fully working even if you don’t buy a license. But that you’ll just feel guilty, or some such. But when I looked I didn’t see that anymore. So I wasn’t sure. Good to know it still does that though!

I’ve never paid attention to it. But now you mention it, I’ve thrown endless amounts of heavy plugins at it and Reaper just keeps going. It’s my mixing and mastering software of choice as well. Works great for that!

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Thanks for recommending! I know Reaper. It’s really a great software, no doubt.

My focus is on minimalist workflow. Mabe with some few effects, not mutch afteredit, apart of some levels adjusting.

Like I just want to record something within a minimal-wave … post-punk aesthetic and technicalities. Just record it and that’s it. It is what it is, like on a cassette.

The modern software gives me headache, or I’m just getting old - there’s too much bs n buttons. :joy::laughing:

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I can get into that. Maybe if your budget allows it, get a simple hardware recorder? Or an actual 4 track cassette recorder. Though they are quite pricey these days.

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I had a cassette 4track, but it’s kaput and gone for now.

Was really great to have and experience it - the analog intensity of magnetic recording - it’s like playing guitar live - either you can or you can’t, do it, don’t try.

And that there’s no fidgetery nonsense, no software bs, no os crap - just sound and music.

Perhaps I’ll look into digital multitracks. Thanks for the advices.

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Maybe you can combine power of and then combine your tracks in Audacity.

what about Ardour?

Oceanaudio looks good and feels good too, but it’s singletrack editor. Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks, but ardour is too much for me - it’s too good for what I want to do, over-dope.

I’m looking something like Zentracker on Android or nTrack studio… maybe that’s the answer. The big Daws are just too big - overkill.

Makes no sense. Reaper is lightweight and fast. Just use what you need and leave the rest out. Or use audacity.

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That makes sense, right? But I think remsky wants something that doesn’t distract. Just a few buttons and nothing more than they need. I kinda get it, in a way. It leaves you focused on the task at hand. Something you can do pretty much blindfolded. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

Now I think of it, suppose one could rig a midi controller to just control those parameters you want. Track assign 1-4, (dis-)arm track, record, stop, playback and forwards/backwards. Maybe metronome on or off and a BPM dial? Then you don’t have to look at the cluttered screen at all.

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I am curious: what is Audacity missing that makes it “too minimal” for you?


Well, yes, maybe I am getting too picky - ill try giving Reaper one more chance


Audacity, perhaps Ill gotta give it another try - the new version has real-time effects.

Yes, I want the ‘feel’ of cassette recorder. Well there’s something called VB Audio Banana VB-Audio VoiceMeeter Banana

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That looks oddly similar to Audacity…?

It is :slight_smile:

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