Please remove track color from undo again/fix it + hint please

Tools like = true in JTFS.lua and use its shortcut) and de.Airmann.autocolors.xrnx(delete a nested group while tool is enabled) will cause additional “track color changed” and “track blend changed” undo writes.

Esp. with the tool by airmann, I am pretty sure now that this sometimes can mess up with undo history, so there are weird other entries in between (was reported in here back in time).

Please give the tool devs a way to circumvent those undo writes.

Alsojoule.no0b.TrackColorDevice.xrnxdoes not seem to affect the undo history at all, yet it floods the track colors and blend :slight_smile: I really cannot find the cause for this difference, I tried to adapt the code structure of joule’s tool in various ways. Can you give me a hint what is the cause for this difference? Is it because the code changing the color is triggered by a device parameter observer instead of a shortcut?