Plugin organisation / selection


I’m just looking into organising my plugins a bit. It seems that when I opt to add a plugin to a group, say ‘Dynamics’, the group ‘Dynamics’ is created within the vendor parent. If I were to select a compressor by AudioDamage, add it to ‘Dynamics’ and then go a select a compressor by a different vendor and add it to ‘Dynamics’ we get two Dynamics groups … one created under the AudioDamage vendor, and one created under the other vendor.

So it seems it’s not possible to have one ‘Dynamics’ group that then will list all subscribed plugins regardless of vendor.

Is that the case?


Edit - (thanks Ledger) - Looks like you can add stuff to ‘favourites’ and then, within favourites, create sub-groups. This seems like a decent workaround :)

Now I foresee much time spent making the tree of plugs efficient and ‘just so’, and then Renoise 3 will be released with an entirely new browser that simplifies this process so massively that it will make me wish I had not gone to so much trouble.

On the flip side, anything that encourages sods-law like that, and in turn means that Renoise 3 is released is a sacrifice worth making. You’re welcome. ;)

You have to “ungroup” the plugins first. Once they’ve been ungrouped and they’re at the same level in the tree, you can add them to a Dynamics group, and they’ll be right next to each other.

I never use the list at all, just Shift+F and start typing the name, like ep will call up epicVerb, th will cut the list to the 4 thrillseeker effects, etc.
With SirDanceALot

Neat! this was my next addition to VST from menu albeit a simpler version I am working on. To be honest Sir DanceAlot went under my radar before as I thought it was a sort of live performance thing.

There is a difference in how the search works though with substrings so I will continue with it. It makes the VSTi tool more complete and it`s always good to have options…