Poly-Aftertouch implementation is flawed

  • (1) When playing a Poly-AT compatible instrument with a Poly-AT capable midi-keyboard, the Poly-AT information is transmitted and received correctly as shown by the midi monitor, but it will not trigger the Poly-AT associated function.

  • (2) During live play, Poly-AT will partially work, as soon as the same key is pressed an octave higher or lower. e. g.: C-4 alone = no Poly-AT. C-4 + C-5 = poly AT works for C-4, not for C-5.

  • (3) Poly-AT data is being recorded in the pattern editor (Volume Column), however only a fraction of the supplied data (transition from one value to another) actually gets recorded, with a lot of void pattern lines, where no entries in the vol column are being recorded

  • (4) Channel-Aftertouch works OK when played live, however it suffers from the same low detail when being recorded into the pattern during live play. see (3).

I am pretty certain, that this is not a setup issue, as the same problem persists on two different machines with different midi hardware, yet any other host will handle Poly-AT as expected on both systems.