Polyphony Broken In 1.9?!

…and I’m definately sending polyphonic signals from my keyboard - plogue bidule’s midi monitor set up to listen to the notes as I play in renoise confirms it.

Also, to make it more obvious, the normal keyboard (ie, querty not midi) seems to be in monophonic mode too.

This is only when I’m playing though; ie, it is related to the messages getting into renoise. Everything functions normally when its running through sequenced notes, but now I cant record with more than one key at a time…

Please tell me this is another hidden option I havent seen, because otherwise I’m utterly disapointed. sure, renoise might not the best thing to use as a midi controlled vst host, but nonetheless its something I rely on it for… pretty much for sanity if nothing else… on a daily (sometimes hourly?) basis.

Look for top left.

ah yes this is it!
strike me pink why does that option exist?! i mean if you’re sending to a monophonic device i should hope it can sort out the messages for itself anyway… and if not as far as i know every midi keyboard has a mono output setting…
why add another layer of confusion for us creatures of habit? :wacko:

and bantai - I never noticed that: generally when i’m playing stuff i want to hear it :)