hi there, i’m a new user of renoise, i was wondering if the sampler has got or will get portamento/glide?
i searched on the forum, but thought maybe it’s there and i’m just not seeing it
i know i can do sample commands for glides, but i do like a portamento effect sometimes.


You mean that you can enable and disable the option?
There is someone who did it with DSP effects (which you can turn on/off with commands):

You can also put a glide command into the phrase editor and it should do the traditional glide automatically without having to put it in for every note in the pattern editor.

edit: this did not work like I expected it too, but I don’t know why.

Yes, but next to the dynamic inertia slopes that you don’t have with phrases, you can’t really terminate the glide process using note-offs. I figured out however, you can use the cut command to cease the portamento effect when not desired on the next note.
When using the portamento device, you would really need to disable the device if you desire no application for specific notes.

Can’t you just set the glide time to zero?

I’m not sure if that works safely without affecting the former note.But if it does, surely an option.