Post your Instruments here!

I couldn’t find a thread with just instrument posts. So… maybe start one?

Phatty Basic & Unison
Basic.xrni (10.3 KB)
This is basic stuff but seems worthy of sharing, esp for those new to making instruments
Synth with saw/square oscillators and sub - Many fx already in chain to play with, that will not affect sub
Unison.xrni (22.0 KB)
Same as above but with unison thanks to zen’s trick

SubSupersonic Drums
SubSuperSonic Drums.xrni (1.2 MB)
Adds sub and noise to drum loops using transients lp filtered for sub, hp for noise and a cool filtered delay

Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl Scratch.xrni (997.5 KB)
A realistic vinyl scratching effect! Comes with 2 samples. I tried to make phrases but can’t automate the modulation :frowning: Thanks to the pitch modulation it is possible! To get it to sound right it’s probably best to use envelope automation. Got inspired watching someone on youtube do it for another daw

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2 instruments - Sine Wavefolder, Saw Wavefolder:

Wave Folder Sine.xrni (3.4 KB)

Wave Folder Saw.xrni (3.9 KB)

Two dials affect the ‘Fold’ and ‘Resonance’, West-coast style variance, combine with filters for long morphs.


ReGranulizer v3.xrni (317.7 KB)
Granular synthesis in Renoise. Read the comments, but basically, try dropping in different samples & twisting macros & changing phrases. Each phrase has a variety of available “playheads” (i.e. note-columns) that change grain playback behavior

some very interesting sound generation capability :upside_down_face: