Renoise Knock-Out 3 Hour Tournament - Round 1 - Results

Round 1 winners are in!

Round 1 deadline extended to: 2011-07-14 12:00 noon EST (GMT -5)

Samplepack link!

I’ve decided to get rid of the geographical “leagues” since there were more Europeans by a ratio of 2:1. So everybody will be mixed up together.

3 hours was voted most popular as the time limit for tracking, so that’s what we’ll do.


E.H.V.A.H. SDC and lapubell … Any update on the time limit plugin?


Tracking Rules

  1. Use Renoise to write an original song of any style (no covers or remixes). The song itself can be any length.

  2. Use the samplepack only. No external samples, synths, vocals, etc

  3. Use built-in Renoise DSP effects only. No external vst or vsti allowed.

  4. Draw sample feature is not allowed. Any other techniques such as chipping or render to sample are allowed.

  5. Tracking Time limit (IMPORTANT): You must spend no longer than 3 hours actually tracking your song. Once you have reached 3 hours, you must save your XRNS and stop tracking. You are however allowed to render after the 3 hours is up.
    Since I have not heard back from E.H.V.A.H. SDC and lapubell, it appears that at least for this 1st week, this will be honor system only. i.e. there is no way to prove that you only spent 3 hours or less, but I’m hoping everyone will be honest. If there is any suspicion that you spent more than 3 hours, an investigation will be conducted and depending on the results, possible disqualification of your entry may occur.

Cocoa has made a nice stopwatch plugin to help us keep track of our time. It can be found here:

Submission guidelines:

  1. Once you have completed tracking, compress your xrns with RAR or ZIP. Upload to your own webspace, and send me a Private Message with a link to the song and the song’s title before that round’s deadline. If you don’t have a place to host the song, just let me know and we’ll work out something – You can email it to me or something.

  2. Although not required, a rendered mp3 of your song for listening is encouraged. If you choose to do this, please include the mp3 link along with the RAR/ZIP’d song link.

  3. If you are registered for this tournament and don’t submit a song, you will be disqualified and your competitor will win by default and be advanced to the next round.

Voting guidelines:

  1. Once the deadline is up and entries are received, I will post a link to all the songs in this forum thread (A “link votepack”)

  2. Download all the songs and listen to them. Use your own criteria for judgment, i.e. theme, melody, production skill, etc

  3. I will also post a link to an online survey form where you will go to vote. Each competitor will need to listen to and vote on all the other “versus matches” in that particular week. (I.e. vote whether you prefer Purple Motion’s song or Necros’ song).
    You are not allowed to vote for yourself in your versus match. I haven’t yet figured out how this will be logistically handled – But I’ve got a week to figure that out. Any suggestions are welcomed. Chotoro if you are still up for creating a web form for this, that would be awesome. Currently I am relying on an online survey site.

  4. Everyone is expected to vote. If you don’t vote, you will be disqualified and your competitor will win by default and be advanced to the next round.


  1. Once the voting period ends (It will be a few days to a week), results will be tallied and the winner of each vs. match will be advanced to the next round.

  2. Comments, song feedback, constructive criticism, and good natured smack-talk are all welcome in the forum thread. (Come on Keith303, BRING IT ON!!! :unsure::D )

  3. HAVE FUN!!!

Can we get the charts up to see who competes with who? Is it double elimination or straight tournament?

Yeah I don’t want to do that quite yet just in case there are a few last minute stragglers


Just waiting for the green light. I’ll drop out in the first throwdown but hey - I’ve got some musicating mood this weekend, hopefully it will continue :yeah:

Hey, sorry guys. It has been a really busy weekend and I have been unable to get everything together yet. First round has been postponed until July 6. That leaves time for 1 more registration to get us up to an even 20. Any takers?

/me raises hand

Awesome. I’ll just be getting some rules and samples together and I’ll get this thing kicked off in about 24 hours from this post.

Woohooo! :yeah:

OK, I’ve just created the brackets in a spreadsheet using Google Docs. I used List randomizer to shuffle up the names and just went down the list.

Here is the publicly viewable spreadsheet:

Renoise Knock Out tournament Brackets spreadsheet!

Just my luck that I would get Keith303 in the 1st week. :lol:

Alright, rules are up in the top post. I’ll get some samples together today and we’ll get this thing going in about 12 hours from this post. :D

cool! looking good. big letters.

About the voting web app, I just started working on some backend stuff. I guess it’d be a few evenings’ work or so, the only problem is authentication. I think a simple user/pass registration is best, and then we can just deal with any issues that crop up during the first voting round (misregistrations etc.). I’ll make it possible to see who’s voted so far too.

Great! I really appreciate your help with this.



Why not make a vote thread on the forums? You’ll be sure everyone votes and you can see who voted what (or is that a bad thing?)

Are you a psychic? Because you nailed that one spot-on.
Naturally, I’m joking. Good luck to all in a few hours.

Edit: question about rules.

What is chipping?

chipping probably means cropping a sample to a tiny waveform that you apply a loop on in order to obtain that “chip-tune” kinda sort of sound.
i might be mistaken tho.

Yes, that’s what I meant.

Also, sorry about the no samplepack yet guys! So far I am not being a very good compo host. I’ll be getting it together very shortly here.

You’re doing fine mate, it’s not that easy ;)

What about presets, are they allowed?