Post your music here!

Sorry @stoiximan, do not take this personally, i just feel that the previous topic made by you is full of useless discussions. (lately)

Let’s keep this topic clean by posting the following:

  1. music that we’ve made recently
  2. constructive criticism is always welcome (opinions as well)
  3. perhaps a deconstruction of the tune in the how-it’s-made manner
    and everything else except endless off-topic psychological pointless statements… I think that hosting can handle new thread for your personal concerns.

Let’s keep it simple and tidy
Thank you!

Renoise is the most awesome tracker!

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i will start with one simple hip-hop beat
used akai mpc studio black with p115 (yamaha e-piano) which i’ve sold several years ago, i still regret it tho…

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How about this little thing I did from 6 years ago…


Great offbeat start to this–I love it when tracks surprise me. Also, this snare is wickedly thick.

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A few hours ago I improvised this (shown the qwerty keyboard):

  • What was the motivation?
    Just to try and pluck out of thin air some melody over a repetitive idea.
  • How long did you spend on it?
    If you were to put the total time together approx 3 hours. No sound design/mixing.
  • Did you find it fun?
    A little. Predominantly work.
  • Do you consider it good?
    Some small parts, the majority not really. The improv melody waffles, not enough focus/cohesion (to be expected?)
  • Do you think the listener will find it good?
    Maybe the listener will get a similar feeling I got which is some small parts make musical sense, but the majority is crap.
  • If you think it is crap why post it on the internet?
    Because you can. Is it frustrating for a lot of listeners? I suppose because the listener has to spend their time listening to pass judgement.

personally i find this very groovy & funky… but it requires that drums take the #1 spot in the mix, they are too thin, too weak, and the rest is really full and very moving! please send me if you want me to mix this tune to make it ‘POP’ and i hear some imaginary horns/trumpets above it, it’s so cool man! great job!

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the ‘offbeat’ start is my personal signature - idk why but i simply love those instant dropouts i think my past listening experience (alchemist, dj grumble) did take major part in this… also i think it represents things more dramatically - in interesting way… People mostly do not like it and say to me ‘i do not like those sudden starts’ or similar - but what can i do about it? i make music for myself after all :stuck_out_tongue:


that synth that stars early (left panned) - i would add more space to it…
for example: add duplicate track to that synth with fully wet long-decaying reverb - and sidechain it to the original synth (the first track) so it can make ‘space’ but not ‘drown’ other elements

1:42, great throwback, reminds me of some futuristic dub! wobwobwob!
track has ‘the guts’, it’s very persistant in the bottom end. 0:42 transition is awesome too.

one of the major elements for me is that it always gets interesting, transitions, switches, change of genre within tune… great job!

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There’s no way I’m necro-remixing this track, but that’s a great idea, and a great technique.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Ok thanks dspasic :slight_smile:

all done in Renoise, i i’ve used the chordlord (or similar tool) for this instrumental… no samples involved (nothing stolen :P)


pretty sure this is all renoise and a little audiomulch


dope vibe @protman !!

here’s one I did a while ago that’s not a psy tune

all within renoise, some real world sound sources, but all the synthesis is native, no plugins


very interesting elements… it is ‘alive’. Great job!

Awesome production! One question. For your “all Renoise internal tunes”, how is your cpu ? Do you have a recent PC ? I guess that you must have big projects, a lot of tracks and many many effect instances.

I’m running on an old rig. 2010 MBP 8G ram
This track tops out around 45% cpu usage, which seems common for my projects. renoise dsp seems pretty cpu friendly in my experience, which is partly why I tend to favor it. If things get too thick, I usually just freeze/resample to ease up on cpu.
a lot of the custom synths that i make by cobbling together bits of dsp are pretty light on cpu, surprisingly
i need a new rig, lol

glad if you dug the tune!!!


Here’s a demo of the second track I’m currently working on for an album, i muted the voice samples for the sake of making the music listening less distracting, Currently just trying to get the breakbeat I’m using more present without jeopardizing the other elements, Think Break has a heavy low mid emphasis. I’m also using Roland - 707 samples, and a free 303 emulation plugin called Muon Tau, which you can get here :

Here’s the file if you want to have a look, create your own song from what I’m doing, or just grab some samples :

Any feedback you have, feel free to share, thank you for taking the time to listen, hope you enjoy what’s here at the moment.


the harp sample is really nice and shimmery, great timbre. Not sure i’m crazy about the whistle being so prominent in the mix for so long. maybe try bringing it in and out for more interest? I feel like the acid line needs some more spice, too. maybe mix up the note length and throw a few bigger intervals in there? overall the mix sounds big and lively, which I like. a promising start for sure!

Thank you for the feedback, and for listening! Didn’t consider if the whistle was too in your face or not, and yeah the acid line is very simple, I’ll try to keep these things in mind, thanks again for listening.

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Nice work! You managed to make really a lot of vibing FX, these sound great!

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