Pre-played Samples

I hope this hasn’t been mentioned yet, but would it be possible to add an effect command that would play a sample from the beginning, but matching the defined offset to the position of the note in the pattern?

For example, setting the offset of a vocal sample to the first word, but the pre-played sample would start a bit earlier so the offset is reached at the point were the note is entered, so you wouldn’t lose the singer breathing in. Or whatever plays before that offset.

That might save some time if you need to work with vocals for example, since you just tell Reason when to trigger the vocal sample (usually right at the beginning of a pattern) and just move the offset to the right position, instead of fiddling with the note’s position in the pattern before.

I hope that made sense. Sometimes things get lost on the way from my mind to the fingers and my keyboard… :D

09xx just starts from a certain position. Everything before that point is ignored.

This is a ‘known’ problem with trackers.
At start of each patterns you will lose lots of attacks and ‘pre-sounds’ in all kind of samples and instruments. That be vocals, percussion and all kinda string sounds with slow attacks (fade in strings etc). Unless you type the notes at the end of previous pattern, you can get this ugly artificial start of each pattern.

In the Arranger thread there has been some discussion about how patterns and clips will cooperate. The suggestion was that each clip will belong to the pattern where the clip starts. I agree that this should be the default behaviour. However if it was possible to choose manually what pattern the clip should belong to, then you can move the clip up abit so it actually starts in the previous pattern. But the clip will always follow the second pattern, not the pattern it starts in. This way you wont cut any sounds that starts just before the first beat in each pattern. And you wont mess up your patterns.


Yes, since you wouldn’t have to start your vocals or a reversed cymbal in the pattern before. If it was used as a bridge, you could use it several times all over the song instead of creating one bridge for every new vocal sample you use and which “starts” in the pattern before.

This would of course require some look-ahead time in Renoise.

since renoise can’t look in the future and predict which sample has to be played a little ahead, that would not be possible without any delay.
you could still create a short pattern of let’s say: 2 rows and put the samples that need to be played in advance in there, & put it at first pattern in the song.

Getting renoise to cue a sample automatically according to a certain point in the sample shouldn’t be impossible.

It would have to be an operation that is performed in, say, the contextual menu, where a dialog would appear prompting for a point in the sample (either a text box for an offset or a pic of the waveform asking the user to select a cue point) and then renoise would calculate how many lines/ticks back it should insert a note in the pattern editor.

This would of course depend on the speed and tempo, so if either of those are changed in the interval between note on and cue point subsequent to the calculation then it would sound wrong.

actually renoise could look at the future by buffering samples: what it cannot do is changing the past :ph34r: