Precalculating Offset Value (Long Audiofile Handling)

I hope THIS suggestion hasn’t been yet proposed (re: markers few topics below).

The problem: I have a speech sample that says “I want an apple”. I’d like the word “apple” to happen exactly at the beginning of the pattern (ONE,two,three,four - this kind of stuff).

Solution (current)
: place the sample (without offset parameter) at the end of the previous pattern and adjust it by trial and error (tedious and not too precise)

Proposed solutions:
1) some kind of a "backward offset trigger"™ effect that will, upon finding this effect. magically travel back in time and trigger that sample at the right moment so when beginning of the pattern is reached - we’ll hear “apple” {I guess it’s not feasible, unless doing some buffering or even pre-compiling} or
2) a static tool that will calculate the position of the sample (just like in the method above) and place it in the previous pattern in the right row, finetuning with delay column if required.

…or are there any better ways of doing this and my idea is an overkill?


this solution has already been proposed in the past. it is surely 100% integrated in the tracker paradigm but probably not the best in general. what could be better are audio tracks

OK, back to the drawing board, I hope I’ll come up with something that hasn’t been proposed yet eventually! ;)


Yes! A marker that says “sample starts here” would RULE SO MUCH. Not just for vocals, but for just about every percussive instrument with any sort of attack…

I never was and still am not convinced that this has to be complicated in any way?

this could happend automatically and invisibly each time you place/edit a note… you place the sample at the beginning of the pattern, but Renoise place the actual trigger at some point in the previous pattern.

This would mean that the sample would NOT play when you start playback at the start of the pattern (because the actual trigger is in the pattern before it) - but that would be good enough for me… to me the main point of this would be to create super duper tight percussion without blindly(!) fiddling around with the delay column… place the marker at the point of attack, place the sample at the point in the song where you want the attack to happen – bingo! It would be very fast and logical and rock soooo much.

well actually I would favour this solution over an audio track, in the same way that I would like Renoise to calculate LFO’s positions