Precise Sample Offset?

Okay, I know this must be discussed somewhere on this forum, but I did a search, then I googled it, and I couldn’t find what I wanted. Not saying you shouldn’t flame me, just include the answer when you do. =)

Is it possible to set a manual trigger point in the waveform for a sample offset? I know I can use 09xx, but it’s not that accurate. I know I can create a second sample (which I often do), but it always seemed to me there is a better way and I’m just to lazy to research it.

Not today! Is there a way to do it? Precise sample offsets?



No, there isn’t. If you’re working with a long sample, just cut it up into smaller sections. It’s not that hard or time consuming.

Wouldn’t you find that a useful feature? Has it not been suggested before?

Setting a trigger point using the sample editor would be so easy and more intuitive to use. (I think!)

Yes, it’s been suggested before. Tons, in fact.

Do a search for “BEAT SLICER” - here, let me help:

The discussion ends up with people agreeing that variable trigger points in a sample is a good thing, which is what you are asking for.

Thanks, I’ve ressurected that thread. Don’t know if that will do any good, but why not keep it on the radar. Would be a very useful feature.