Pro-Israel Music Competition


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Thought you guys would want to know!

no thanks

“Recently, Coldplay posted a song on their facebook page portraying Israelis as war criminals […] We decided to create this contest in which Israel would be portrayed for what it truly is […]”

So basically a $300 backlash sponsored by the Israel Online Ambassadors?

“Israel Online Ambassadors - After the recent flotilla incident (31 May 2010), it has become clear that we need to better organize ourselves and our online response to the traditional media’s bias.”

What bias is this? Is it the one where people aren’t thrilled about armed commandos invading a ship in international waters, violating international law?

There are great things about Isreal, and people should write songs about those great things, but this contest is in pretty poor taste.

Best of luck to the participants.


What now?

no no no, no way

lol :)
no tips no tricks no stupid politics !

In fact, you should first increase the cash prize, maybe $3.000.000 something like that, and even with that, I’m not sure that it will really make it.

Cheesiest compo ever? Or best new genre? ZDM. Zionist Dance Music.

from that facebook page:"]

Wow, terrible.

First, no one thinks Hammas are saints. Second, they show clips of people fighting soldiers who illegally raided a ship. Yes, it sucks that there was violence but last time I checked violating international doesn’t exclude Israel. What’s the normal reaction to, literally, pirates invading your ship? High fives and kisses?

A country passing laws banning their own citizens from having an opinion is, well, bordering on fascist. Some believe Israel’s foreign policy is just to act batshit crazy because unpredictability is a good way to confuse the enemy. Here’s article by Sefi Rachlevsky summarizing the current situation.

Sorry contest organizers, but the world knows more about Israel than you’d like to admit. Citizens in democratic Israel have different opinions on different things. This contest is a right-wing insane asylum showcase.

most cheap and immoral way of trying to get Online Ambassadors for Israel.
im not against any country. im against the people. people like you, Dan!
you are already all over the net with your propaganda campaign. please leave this place. thanks.

Not quite passing full blown laws but the UK seems to currently getting pretty close to that one! :(

That sounds pretty close, yeah.

If this is true, it shouldn’t go unnoticed. But unfortunately, I can’t confirm that it is, as the article points to the wrong place. Anyone got a source?
Here it is:…leblower-advice

At least I now know what to do when my neighbours piss me off…

For me, it’s the idea that the police are so honest about the fact that they want people to spy on each other…really, everyone is under scrutiny, right?

I hope it’s going to backfire on those bufoons
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Ps: Honesty is good

Want to make a breakcore rinse out to enter with using harsh amens, the Sandblasted Skin riff, Free Palestine chants, and quotes from the Big Lebowski (YOU’RE ENTERING A WORLD OF PAIN!!!) but have neither the time nor the energy.

winner gets to Israel joining NATO

This is a fucking joke, right? here’s my submission:

This is an original track written in '07 with renoise and cubase which appeared on Monstrum Sepsis Artifacts on WTII Records.