Problem With Apogee One


I can’t select my Apogee One as an In Device in the audio options. Its only coming up as an available output. any idea why this might be? its working fine in logic as both IN and OUT.


I have the same problem. : (

Any help out there?


Could you supply some additional system specifications?
Only mentioning “Apogee One” does not suffice here.
Also driver configuration:bit-rate and frequency of the card
Did you tried the ASIO driver or the Directsound driver?

Renoise does not currently support mono devices on OSX. Since the microphone on the Apogee One is only mono, this is why it does not show up as an available input.

It may be possible to find a utility which can take the mono source from the Apogee One, and then create a virtual stereo source from it. On Windows there’s ‘Virtual Audio Cable’ (and its Repeater utility) which I believe can do this type of stuff, so I’m thinking that there must be an equivalent for OSX, but I’m not too familiar with the system myself. Perhaps another Mac user can make a recommendation here.

Perhaps Renoise could take care of this mono-to-stereo conversion itself in a future update, or perhaps Apogee could update their drivers to allow the system to use either a mono or fake stereo source. Nevertheless, this question has popped up a handful of times now. Hopefully something can be resolved.

thanks for the quick replies!

… and sorry about being vague. (see below*)

@ dblue: That’s a real bummer about Renoise accepting only stereo inputs (on OS X, at least). i will look around for a “mono - to - virtual - stereo” utility for the mac, as you suggest. … again, if anyone knows of one, … or any other workaround, we’d be very happy to hear!

@ vV: Would these drivers (ASIO, Directsound) address the no-mono-input issue? Do they exist for OS X? If so, is this one of them?

  • for reference, the Apogee One (OS X-specific) is a 24-bit, 48kHz USB, mono-in, stereo-out sound card. … i just got it and was pretty happy with it until now. : (

Thanks again!

p.s. i tried making an ‘aggregate device’ in Audio Midi Setup, but my only option was to pair the One with the built-in sound (for a total of 3 inputs). Renoise did not find this very appetizing and crashed instantly (after allowing me to select it as the audio-input).

I have it on good authority (from Jay Wolf at Apogee Electronics) that creating an aggregate device with 2 x mono inputs does actually work. He reported to us that combining 2 x One’s together worked, as did combining a Gio and a One, etc. So if you have another mono microphone or any other mono audio source, you should be able to pair this with the Apogee One in order to create a working aggregate stereo input. You could then record from this in Renoise and just disregard the extra stereo channel afterwards, by converting any recorded samples back to mono and keeping only the left channel (or whichever channel the Apogee One is using). Admittedly this is a bit cumbersome, but it’s a possible workaround at the very least, just until things are improved in Renoise.

As for 3 channel inputs, something probably needs to be tweaked here to make sure Renoise handles this more sensibly in the future.

If it is only made for OSX, i guess we’re not talking about ASIO here as OSX only has CoreAudio.
Anyway i don’t assume audio controllers are usually only made to serve one specific type of platform. I guess i learned something again.

Use Soundflower.

Soundflower @ Cycling74

Free, easy to use ; just set the One as your input device into Soundflower and Soundflower as your input device into Renoise.

I figured out it could work till the Jay Wolf solution crashed Renoise.

Edit : doesn’t work.

I’m having the same issue with the Apogee ONE, I don’t really understand how to make an aggregate device or use soundflower… anybody have some advice or can link me to a step by step to working around this. I’d really like to record audio straight into renoise. Wish renoise would just recognize the input on the ONE.

:( anybody? I’d really like to record into Renoise.

I just realised my earlier link is now broken. Here’s an updated link:

I hope this will get resolved at some point. I picked up an apogee one and it’s kind of a bummer (I’d rather avoid having to buy two of them as a workaround). Maybe I can rig something up with audiomulch+Jack, but it’s not ideal…