Problem With Record Mode

Hm, i’ve a problem with the record mode:

when i press 2 keys (at the same time C & E) (on my midi-keyboard (Novation Xiosynth) or on my computer keyboard, renoise redord each note in one row…but normally the two notes should be in the same row in two columns.

The chorus-mode is on. but it makes no different if i toggle this mode on/off.

This is what happends:

Track 01

00 C-500 – …
01 E-500 – …

This it should be:

00 C-500 E-500 – …

I try it with renoise 2.0.0 and renoise 1.9.1

What did i make wrong?

Thx for help :slight_smile:

You must also have the correct scroll mode.
Press the the Scroll Lock key to change this behavior.

That makes no different :(

keeping LSHIFT pressed while entering notes should have the effect you are looking for

I can’t see how your instrument is filled, but be sure there is a real instrument defined. (there are samples in it or a VST plugin or a MIDI channel and instrument assigned to it)
Empty instruments will not register chord keys in the pattern editor :)

This works…But it isn’t really comfortable if i want to play chord with my synthesizer and during this i’ve to press left shift. There must be another way?

I use VSTi Bass-Station or VSTi reFX Vanguard or NI-FM 7 for example. It doesn’t matter if i use an XRNI or VSTi as instrument…

It really seems you may be doing something wrong here…

Just to be sure, some demonstration to display the difference between recording sequentially (not scrolling the pattern) and recording chords (scrolling the pattern), i’ve used my pc-keyboard for this:

You describe the behavior of the first situation that is demonstrated (or use no occupied instrument in the selected instrument slot).

The only other thing i can think of is that if you use a PC keyboard, that it is just not capable of hitting more keys simultaneously or you need to trigger some keyboard settings in Windows (keyrepeatrate and disable sticky keys etc.)

Oh yes, this was my mistake: not scrolling pattern during recording and scrolling the pattern…

Thanks a lot :)

Aha… you were not “playing” the song along… yes then it won’t work either :)
Animations make so much more clear than still images :)