Problem with select preset in plugin for Dsi Mopho

Hello Guys!

I have Dsi Mopho desktop version and i used VSti plugin

I have a problem with plugin in the Renoise.
After add plugin to instrument i can’t choose preset in the my Mopho, Mopho have crashed preset to empty mode. But if select preset in the plugin i don’t have a problem.

my computer Osx 10.8.5


In the ableton i don’t have this problem.

Thnx for Your time


I writing to sound tower support


There are some issues with Renoise in the newer OSX environments. Your OSX version is lower though (and you have a VST problem which is actually not a real problem on the new OSX versions), it is a far guess…


))) Yeah! after instal new osx 10.9 this plug (au) crashed renoise