Problems with loading VST3 presets

It seems there’s a problem with loading VST3 presets in several VST3 plugins. All presets are loading wrong and do not sound correct. Lots of settings and tweaks are loading wrong. You always have to lad the presets again and again until they load correctly after several tries. In all my other DAWs they load just fine.

In which plugins is this (most) obvious? On which platform have you tested this? How exactly are you loading the presets?

This happens with almost all plugins i use. I load the presets with the built in preset managers of the VSTs.
as i wrote, in all other DAWs i use, they just load fine. This only happens in Renoise (latest version 3.4.3) and only with the VST3 64 bit versions of the plugins. Loading presets in their VST2 versions load correctly without any issues.

Windows 11 Pro

The weird thing is, when i load a preset the first time, all the settings are wrong. If i now load the same files again (after reloading them again 2 or 3 times), then suddenly they do load correctly.

Which plugins are you using? Is there a free one that’s easy to test?

Here’s one of my own creations. Maybe that helps.

This happens not only with my own created VSTs. I also use some other commercial VST3 plugins with the same issue when loading VST3 presets.

I tested my own plugins extensively and also searched the source code for bugs, but couldn’t find any issues.

It seems that Renoise also has some more problems with Synthedit made VST3s than with VSTs made with other VST creation softwares.

From what I can see here, this is fixed with this unfortunately longer outstanding bug fix here:

I wasn’t sure if this would affect many plugins. Will try to release this soon.

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This doesn’t sound related if they don’t start at all or can’t be found. Could you please provide some more details about this in a new topic?

Absolutely. Thank you.

Ok Thanks! So i’m not the only one who has that problem with VST3s?

Everyone has problems with VST3 plugins and all other types of plugins too in all DAWs. It’s a problem by design :slight_smile:

But this preset bug will probably only happen with a few plugins. Maybe you use mostly Synthedit based plugins?

@Mastrcode Could you please check if the Renoise 3.4.4 release fixes this problem too?

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I tested the 3.4.4 bugfix release for a while and it seems the preset problem is fixed.:hugs:

Thank you!

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