Prodigy And New Single...

For those interested in the new(freely downloadable) single release of the Prodigy - Invaders must die, here a copy and paste link:  

If that does not work…
Add your signup details here and get the song anyway…:

I am sorry, but… no. (I mean the song.)

Listened it a few days ago… doesn’t impress me at all, in fact its pretty awful. Wish they’d concentrate more on The dirtchamber sessions

it gets a bit of a bash on the DOA forum

its abit too cheesy for me.not the best they have made

I know, but i guess that’s probably the thing with free stuff.
I also know they made a lot worse crap than this as well.
For me this is bearable, but it has some moments that i could call a pity (specially the cheezy stuff is a pity).
Ofcourse i would not mind links to some better bash-stuff that you can download, feel free to add counter-stuff.

Love it. Props to Liam for not doing the same damned thing over and over again. And to all of you who hate on him because he’s not making the same song over and over again: The Prodigy have broken barriers their entire career… what would you expect from such an act?

Why don’t you guys get off your asses and make your own tracks that embody what you used to love about the prodigy? Isn’t that what music is all about?

I have to say, it absolutely disgusts me when fans won’t let acts evolve.

Rule of thumb: Don’t fix what ain’t broken! :D

WTF? Are you Amish or something? This is art we’re talking about anyway… not an IT infrastructure. Artists should not be forced to produce the same tripe over and over again because their fans are too anally nostalgic to move on. We’re electronic musicians/fans ffs, not strict Mormon conservatives. Our entire subculture has been built on change and innovation… we should let our damned idols evolve.

I’ve stopped to follow Prodigy since their last but one album. I’ve read an interview of them when they released it and I remember that they seemed to think that they were the bests in the world, and as Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned sounded just ok IMO, this self-satisfaction annoyed me and i didn’t go further. Maybe I could try to listen to it now. What you guys do think about it ?

Anyway this new track seems to be quite cool but I’m not sure i could listen to it to many times. Anyway i’m not a friend of the first listening.

BYTE: No, you get me wrong. I have been a huge fan back in the 90s and I still listen to the last three tracks of “Music for a jilted generation” from time to time, but that track is bad. It’s like a hypernervous mashup up of new-rave, oldschool-rave and bigbeat, but in a bad way. It’s simply nothing I’d call “professional” or “standing out”, instead it reminds me of someone showing off his new track he made in FL7 last weekend.

On a sidenote, I really think that the line between professional and unsigned artists is getting thinner and thinner. I have heard so much amazing music by unsigned, “give music away for free”-artists in the past years and so much horrible music produced by “professional” artists that it really makes me wonder sometimes why some people get deals and audiences and others not. And it’s exactly the same with this track, people applaud it loudly because it’s done by “the prodigy”, if I’d release this as “from jeff, 17, essex” no one would give a f… about it.

I agree fully. Now after this maybe they go back to their roots and take note that this is not their shit. The subculture maybe built on change and innovation, this single has neither. Rather it sounds a track from one of us Renoisers(WHICH is NOT a bad thing!)

korekted speling

the first time I heard it didn’t impress me much
but after a few runs, I really starting to dig it.

I’m very looking forward to the new album.

so is it Pendigy or Produlum?


I like the choppy percussion. I also like the direction of it.

I still listen to the album experience on a regular basis. It’s one of the only full albums on my mp3 player. They have changed so much over the years.

To the haters - at which point should they have stopped evolving?

Do many of you dislike “Come to Daddy” as well because of it’s direction? I really wish more songs were produced in that same sort of violent vein by Aphex.

I personally think Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is a revolutionary album. I still enjoy every minute of it every time I listen to it. I’ve never heard anything like it.

Please link me to anything that Pendulum has done that’s even remotely close to this.

I found it raw, fresh and definetly Prodigy. Having seen them live I can definetly see Maxim and Keith tear this one up vocally on stage as well. :)

Looking forward to the new album! I’d say the only time Liam disappointed me was with Baby’s Got A Temper, which was okay but just felt like a re-hash. Glad even he regards that track as weak.

Just downloaded this, quite curious must say.

I lost interest in the Prodigy after Music for the Jilted Generation.
Fat of the Land was nice, but too ‘easy’ and ‘safe’ and very far from
innovative music. It got worse from there, imho… Always Outnumbered
had a few catchy tracks, but I expect more from Liam Howlett than
a rush of stolen beats and melodies. Because he HAS been doing that
throughout his entire carreer. ;)

Thanks! Giving it a couple of listenings and it grows…

Not bad at all…It certainly rocks.

Have you ever actually listened to any Pendulum?