Prodigy And New Single...

so true

One of my personal favorites by them is masochist

Yes, I have. From what I can tell, it’s closer to DnB acts like Current Value, Noisia and Spor than it is to newschool Prodigy, which seems to be more electro influenced than anything… hence my confusion at the comparison.

Noisia I will give you to an extent, although Nosia as far better in my opinion. Spor and Current Value are far more the technoid style (Schranz & bass) then over-produced club-style jump-up Pendulum do (except Current Value - Dark rain which does remind me a little of Pendulum - Morning Light, especially with the intro.)

And of course it’s close to DnB acts. Pendulum is probably the most commercial DnB act in existence, unless you count DJs then maybe there would be a fight with Andy C.

And if you can’t see that this tune by Prodigy is very clearly going in that direction I worry for your ears.

That tune has some similarities to the Prodigy’s newer stuff to be sure… mainly the use of rock elements… but that album was released this year… I doubt that’s nearly enough time for “OMG THEY’RE RIPPIN PENDULUM OFF!” … I can hear more NIN influence in this new Prodigy track than Pendulum “influence”.

Also, pendulum’s first studio album was released in 2005, a year after Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. Who’s taking who’s style? ;)

So… Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy this electro punk breaks fashion? The soundworld is very similar to e.g. Pendulum’s and a lot of resemblence to The Prodigy’s last album, but only soundwise. But as a song, this fails in every aspect. It’s boring in the wrong way, barely danceable and that cheesy lead doesn’t even go into your head.
I never found The Prodigy that awesome. They made awesome tunes and pretty nice albums, but for me it’s just another act. This new tune sounds more like it was a background for a rougher image of Nelly Furtado, which could be a good thing but hey. This is The Prodigy. They should be making an awesome sound instead of this wannabe pop shit with no hook at all. This song just sucks! It’s undistinguished and doesn’t smell of anything. Considering this is art, art without feelings towards the one experiencing it is pointless.
But I guess I’d dance to this when semi drunk in the night club.

Just took a listen. Not very impressive. I like the sound, but the overall is not catchy enough to grip my attention for longer than 1 minute. I agree with Dfast about the melody… very pretentious and it seems to be there to actually carry the track, but imho it kills it. Too bad, I was hoping that now the other members joined Howlett again on his adventures, things might’ve changed for the better.

I’ll probably buy the album next year anyway, to feed the curiosity.

Official Videos:

Been a Prodigy fan for years, but this tune has gotten me seriously disappointed, it sounds cheesy, strange, amateur…

But, if you check out THIS VIDEO, which represent another one of the tunes from the new album, there’s still hope.

It is kind of a mix between Experience and FOTL.

Was impressed with their new song “World`s on fire” and this one is DAMN PHAT!!! THE SOUND IS PHAT!

Yeah a few of their other bits seem OK live although I’m not sure quite as good as their earliest stuff.

This search seem to bring up more of the listenable quality videos.…mp;search_type=

never really liked the prodigy…but this one is da shit

Dave Grohl is drumming on the upcoming album! :o

I reckon whut’s missing is ridiculously simple. If he started using faster drumbreaks instead of those slow but hard rock breaks there would be less complaining by the fanboys. More hihats going tiktiktiktitkitk to make it all sound a little faster

But what’s the lyric in World’s on fire, this one sounds awesome
You’re so special,You’re so special, Mom & Dad

Nah, it aint the speed… it’s the catch, the hook, the vibe, the groove…

It’s like Tom Morello always says:
“Good music makes you want to tap your feet and make out with your girlfriend.
Great music makes you want to set your boss’ house on fire and start a riot in the street.”

I used to be a big fanboy. I’m even on the “Music FROM the Jilted Generation” compilation CD,
my tribute to an act that partly shaped my interest in electronic music alltogether, but I grew
indifferent for their latest material. The sound is PHAT, no mistake there, Howlett is the master
of equalization, but I think it misses the catch that tracks like Charly or Voodoo People or Poison
or even Hot Ride has. But yeah, it all comes down to taste. :)

nice quote :)

I love the old prodigy things and I love the dirtchambers totally, always outnumbered was a revolution to me. The first single “girls” I listened over and over again and again (sometimes it was strange to others when I sang the lyrics in math class XDD).
In that time they changed in a good way I think and I have to listen to the whole album when its out (is it already?) to make a decision.

Invaders must die is a fun track, and I dont take that serious as maybe others.
I am glad that they didnt stop and still releasing stuff.

I think so too. :D

okay, I just listened to “warning” and now I am fully awake for today XDD

New album will be released March next year, or so says teh internetz

I don’t think Invaders works either (the melody kills it rather than carries it) but the drumproduction sounds fresh. Took a listen to “World’s On Fire” and this was much closer to their good stuff - I love the furious beats, the stabs and the energy which really reminds me of the techno scene in the early 90’s. Great to hear that they can still deliver that stuff. :)

No wonder. They sampled an old rave song I recognized immediately, which artist and which song, cant remember now.

It was Outlander - Vamp. Listen to it here.