Prodigy And New Single...

Can you please point out which part was sampled? I can’t pick it out at all… after 5 listens to each! :o




i really look forward to hearing this one, “Warrior’s Dance”, as a studio version:

awesome old-skool vibe going on there, check it out

Wow, crank it up! that’s really a great tune man.
I don’t like that oldskool stab normally but damn, this track is really using it perfectly for me.

if this is on the new album, I’m now even more curious how it will be.

Not sure where you got that clip from, but it’s not in their most recent version of World’s on Fire:

Both samples from Youtube. Must be one of the first given videos as I wasn’t specially looking for it, some liveact if I remember correctly.

Prodigy has always been about sampling so it wouldn’t surprise me

I think they even uses some identical sample from a album to another.

Skip to 1:45

I’m not shure that the chords are exacly the same. This melody also reminds me an Amen Andrews track (London, from Vol.5) but here again I don’t hear exactly the same notes. We can’t say it’s a very complex melody but I still wonder if The Prodigy ever listen to this track :P

Amen Andrews - London (The melody is at 2:15)

yeah, I think so too. at least the same base sample/synth, but slightly tweaked from time to time.
I think this is cool, but it was WEIRD in “Baby’s Got A Temper”, where they sampled Firestarter… I can understand why they didn’t include that track on the last album :P

thinking of electronic music in general, we usually use different samples on all our tracks, to make it interesting, right? this is as we know totally opposite from rock and pop, where the sound almost always consists of the same setup on the albums whole: same drumkit, same vocal sound, same guitar sound, etc…
same sound of production, even.

heh, and I’ve heard a couple of electronic albums following this locked system as well… aphrodite’s first album, various trance albums… imagine how quickly we could make a full album, if we made 14 tracks consisting of the exact same instruments in renoise… (!). god, I would be bored.

Yeah… For now I find difficult to complete just one track with “the exact same instrument” so I think that if I had to do that with a full album, I’ll become depressive or something… :huh:

Actually I’ve tried to make four amen + acid based tracks and gave it up at the half of the third song with the feelling that I couldn’t go forward and that it didn’t please me anymore.

Avoiding repetition seems very hard to me… (except if you search it I guess ;) )

Oh wow thank you … I don’t know how I missed that!!! … my ears don’t usually deceive me like that :o

If you listen to the percussiveness of the middle notes, you’ll see that it’s the same. Still doesn’t surprise me though… as someone else said, Prodigy has always sampled heavily.

I don’t listen to Prodigy anymore. I listen to thrash metal. So screw it, AND its single.

Somehow it’s funny that Prodigy are sampling stuff from a period where they were starting to make a name for themselves. :) I hadn’t heard the Outlander track before, but I’m sure they have. Partly because Liam was very conscious back then about staying true to the scene (as I read in an interview), and partly because it sounds like it’s that exact sample from the Outlander-track, but pitched up with a grainy lofi-pitch (in a nice way).

On a sidenote: the same sample (the actual stab-sound) was also used in SL2 - DJ’s Take Control and probably a lot of other tracks from the same time.

i cannot bring myself to listen to this track… i only like doom metal



Did anyone hear the new single of the new album called Omen?
It really blew my head right off!

so crank your speakers up and enjoy (or just continue listentening to doom metal ;)):

I just saw that Dr Drips, and was about to post it in this very thread… THAT SHIT KICKS ASS… that’s the best prodigy track I’ve EVER heard. PERIOD.