Prodigy And New Single...

Heard em all, and i cant say wow to any of em, omen was the best but still far away from the old kickass tunes. And btw omen sounds like some nifty “out of space” mix. However i love the prodigy. :P

What is it with Liam using very bad synth sounds?

Omen is nice!
Noisia’s remix is SICK

“Omen” could have been a Pendulum-track and no-one would have noticed a thing :)

Penduled or not, I pre-ordered the album. and can’t wait!
To hear some samples of all the tracks click here

Same here! Liam delivered.

oooh that bad fruity kinda thang…reminds me of the fanboy thread started in here a while ago :ph34r: (from both sides after re-reading my post, btw. ^^)

I still don’t see the pendulum connection here people… completely different song structures and production styles. I guess some people would think Pink Floyd and Coldplay sounded the same though.

Yea but what did he deliver? After listening to the previews im even more in doubt now than i was before.

Cream, baby. Cream. I love it.

You didnt hear Outlander/Prodigy connection either. When was the last time you had your ears checked?

:o oh no I didnt… :panic:

YOU try searching through two songs you’ve never heard before for the related sample, when you have no idea what said sample sounds like. That’s like criticizing someone’s ears because they can’t hear the James Brown/Venetian Snares connection.

Either way, my comment wasn’t about sampling, it was about style. I simply don’t understand how someone cam say “OMFG [Artist’s new album] SOUNDS JUST LIKE [Another artist]!!!” when quite plainly, it doesn’t. The Prodigy sounds like the Prodigy. Period. Just like Skinny Puppy sounds like Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails sounds like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry sounds like Ministry, and Marilyn Manson sounds like Marilyn Manson.

Saying that an artist’s music is simply a ripoff of another artist’s style is not only highly offensive, but it’s an indication that the listener doesn’t have enough musical culture to be engaging in critical analysis of music (of any genre) in the first place.

So unless you can somehow quantify the reasons you think the new Prodigy tracks sound like Pendulum, your comments have as much weight to them as a helium balloon… and even then, it will just open the topic up for debate.

That aside, the funniest part of this whole thing is that In Silico came out in 2008, 4 years after Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, the album that led the Prodigy to this sound in the first place. The Prodigy isn’t influenced by Pendulum, if anything, Pendulum is influenced by the Prodigy.


Well it was intended as a joke but ok here we go. I think the sample is so long and so easily spottable that even my wife would find it on the second listeningtime if I asked her to spot it. And when it comes to music she a) has no taste B) doesn’t recognize a piano from a guitar :slight_smile:

Secondly, I never mentioned tracks sounded like Pendulum. I said one SPECIFIC track sounds like Pendulum, and in my opinion it does. Which again is not a bad thing at all. For the record I quote myself: “Omen” could have been a Pendulum-track and no-one would have noticed a thing"

A simple “in my opinion Omen doesn’t sound like Pendulum” from your half would have sufficed and I would be more than ok with it.

i have to chime in here with my own worthless opinon ;-D.

the new prodigy does sound like pendulum, and it sucks:

  1. the drums are produced in a similar fashion, and the rhythms are sonically uninteresting. I mean the kicks and snares sound very similar to pendulum, there seems to be similar use of compression, and the beats are just not that interesting sonicly. Engineered to sound loud, not interesting or funky.

  2. the melodies use a similar synth sound. you know the one. i’m sure plenty of synths have a pretty similar preset. i think it sounds garish and bawdy. it’s about as interesting as all the new psuedo ‘electro’ house nonsense using that same sound with the 5ths in it or whatever.

  3. the melodies use similar notes sequences, the riffs could easily be interchangable between the two acts. they are repeated again and again until i throw up.

  4. music lacks any subtlety whatsoever. i mean it has no atmosphere or anything. nothing characterising in the sound. it doesn’t sound gritty or dirty or anything. it just sounds abit plastic and abit pendulum, like its more suited to the soundtrack of Burnout or something than something you play on your hifi out of choice.

  5. music is not funky, its just bombastic. like a camera zooming in and out from someones crotch rapidly and somewhere shouting “YEAH !!! YEAHH!!!”. not for me thanks.

is there anything wrong with prodigy taking such a direction with their new tunes? no, they can do what they want. i also assume this will appeal to lots of people because it is a big stupid sound like cheese and onion crisps covered in MSG, or a giant pot noodle of some kind. the prodigy pot noodle. it’s also not only that its similar to pendulum, though thats the obvious touch point, but its broadly similar to the sound of the other least interesting populist acts in dance music. of course the prodigy have always kinda been popular but i dont think stuff being popular means it cant also be good music, and this case, it aint.

personally i think it is boring music, and much less interesting than either the jilted generation or fat of the land. the reason being those records were frequently full-on, but at the same time there was some interesting sound design happening, as the prodigy flirt with industrial, hip-hop and jungle influenced sounds in the beats. many tracks from those records have that big booming bass on the first beat … it’s reminiscent of liams influences from ultramagnetic MCs (reference ‘critical beatdown’). but at the same time you have these fantastic whipping and clanging sounds (such as ‘breath’, or ‘their law’ which sounds like it’s throwing you around some kind of hard chamber of funk) and the perfect intergration of real-sampled drums/breakbeats used in a jungle type fashion (‘minefields’, for example) but at a slower speed than jungle yet simultaneously powerful and interesting in a fairly unique way. In fact i’m convinced that much of the nu-skool breaks genre was inspired by the prodigy, primarily, and also that the boredom of much of that genre is a result of the fact that no one could really make slower breakbeats which kicked as hard and with as much funk as the prodigy. So instead they resorted to fairly boring standard 2-step type patterns.

Older prodigy stuff at it’s heart is also great rave music, which you would like if you heard at a rave. It has good progression of tensions and so forth, and trippy sounds which take you on a musical journey. If someone plays this new crap at a rave i’d probably wander off and come back later when someone with some DJing talent comes on, because it’s simply not engaging, exciting or psychedelic in any kind of meaningful logic of raveyness.

Anyway, that’s just my 2p.

The first is just classic, the second part, I would even go deeper.
even if I get a Prodigy fanboy tag on my head.
listen to this after 4:15 you clearly hear influences of smack my bitch up and breathe.
maybe the first single “invaders must die” was a personal ditch to Pendulum B)
alright I’m taking this to far :lol:

See, that track is a prime example of why the new prodigy stuff doesn’t sound like Pendulum … Pendulum’s beats are so bland … they have this repetitive “kick (pause) snare (pause pause) kick snare (pause)” DnB sensibility that makes me yawn every time. When I listen to the Prodigy’s newer stuff though, I can’t help but sit back in awe of what Liam does with the beats. Despite what Genfu says, Prodigy’s newer beats aren’t uninspired in the least… I’ve yet to hear someone that can lay down slower beats like this with as much groove and interesting syncopation as the Prodigy does. It just makes me want to crank the music and let loose.

Genfu: We obviously have entirely different tastes, because when I listen to your music, I don’t really hear anything that contains the qualities you criticized the new Prodigy tracks for lacking. That said, you mentioned the term psychedelic many times… I don’t think I would qualify any of the Prodigy’s music as particularly psychedelic, and if that’s what you’re hoping for, it’s no wonder you’re disappointed. Liam has consistently tried to produce electronic music with an engaging beat and a hard edge. Why that he’s continuing this trend is a shocker is beyond me.

i don’t try to make music that sounds like the prodigy, old or new. i’m not sure what my music has to do with the discussion either, but thanks for listening :blink:

possibly a poor choice of words on my part then. i don’t listen to it as psychedelic music really, what i meant there, is that i think there is a deeper aesthetic arc with stuff of the jilted generation, it builds tension gradually, it takes you on a journey, especially stuff like the narcotic suite. it doesn’t just turn everything up to 11 and leave it there for a few minutes with one predictable breakdown in the middle. the new prodigy doesn’t take you on a journey like this in my view, its just loudness for the sake of it. i think that arc is important for the music to be successful in a rave context. obviously the prodigy have moved on from their rave days somewhat, it’s more some sort of stadium rock dance thing. whatever it is, its not really for me.

the other point is that the beats, i don’t find them as engaging because they don’t sound as cool. yes they are ‘hard’, but they just sound less interesting to my ears in terms of the sounds, frequencies, dynamics and textures used. i will admit that there are a couple of nice parts to the programming of the rhythm in the fill bits, which was true with tunes like ‘girls’ on the other prodigy album too, of course liam has talent when i comes to programming drums, but the drum sounds are just less interesting. it’s lost the cut and paste sampling aesthetics which seemed to come from that hip-hop influence, which are present in their earlier work, for example.

quite, and what a boring world it would be if everyone had the same tastes. like i said, i think many people will like the new prodigy, but i don’t think it’s as good or as interesting as their older stuff. that’s just my opinion. if it gives you a rush then sure it succeeds on some level.

i think i’m only even bothering to comment on this because the prodigy’s older stuff means a lot to a lot of people. years later if someone plays voodoo people at a rave everyone still gets up and dances. i don’t think this new material is ever going to be worthy of that kind of nostalgia, but then how could it? i think it would have been nice if the prodigy released something truly great, but i somehow doubt people will even be listening to this next year. i may be being overly critical, and sure this isn’t bad for mindless crap to listen to on a drunken night out, i suppose i just hoped for a little more from a once culturally significant and even generation defining outfit. :P

Cream indeed, a tad too sweet a cream if i may. Especially that “colours” tune, lollipop lazyness? However in all fairness, i relistened to the tunes and some tunes in there are hard kickin, butt punching but not as before, i still miss the hardcore guitar/tb riffs, followed up by an even better layer riff, like on “music for the jilted generation” and “fat of the land”, still cool tho but not prodigy in perfection. He set out to kick ass and he actually did, now that he has reached his goal he has lost his edge.

I’m sorry … it was a tad bit rude of me. I was just interested in hearing what someone so critical of others’ music produced. I hereby withdraw any negative insinuations about your music. That said, I like how varied your percussions are =D

I can relate to that. But Fat of the Land sucked in my opinion, already lost its freshness when I
compared it to Music from the Jilted and especially Experience (which still cockrocks DEM ALL).
But lookee, it’s taste and this new material sounds fresh to me, hitting that spot exactly, some sort
of hybrid between THAT SOUND and THAT APPROACH, punching pounding intensity that makes
me hummm the melodies on the train while I’m anticipating the album…!

Yeah, I remember listening the previews on the previous album and was like: bah, I’ll buy this
anyway cause on the bigger picture this is an interesting album… it’s just below The Prodigy standard,
but when I listen to Omen I can’t help but think: THEY’RE BACK and the next generation kids will go
apeshit on this with me up front, reflecting back on those days when I first heared Charly on Experience.

Little bit of bass, little bit of bounce, little bit of fukking musical mayhem, booyaa!