Prodigy's New Album

Hey, any prodigy fans out there??


I found a sneak preview of one of Prodigy’s new songs:

prodigy memphis bells

I also found alot of dead links to a sneak preview of a song called “Girls”, which is to be on the new album.

If anyone has found a “living” link, please let me know?


PS: Release date for their new album is, in norway at least, of august

Ehhh, yeah it was not that hard to find :)

Just back one step in the location…And you will find it there :D

But how reliable is the source?

It turns out the source was very reliable…

Thanks for the link :)


I believe this album will kick some serious assage!

Oh, and good thing they didn’t add “Baby’s Got A Temper”, it was awful.

i heard the preview of “girls” several days ago, linked somewhere on the dogs on acid forums, and really really didn’t like it.
sounds way too electro-pop’ish for my taste, so as an old prodigy fanatic (actually it were them in 1993 who drew my attention on electronic music) i’m really disappointed…
so after almost 12 years liam of course developed himself and his ambitions and musical style… unfortunately into the wrong direction, when it comes to my personal taste.
whetever… fat of the land sucked already (except for “narayan”) , and memphis bells seems continue riding the same horse and things have gotten even worse (regarding the two previews).
the geniune prodigy-individuality has gone, if you ask me.

But the video was good :P

True :D

The album has leaked and is all over the net now two months before the official release date. :o

Having listened to those two tracks, I must say that I do hope this leak is just a fake… The tracks are crap! As an old Prodigy fan I hoped to see them back from the dead in the old style, but if those tracks are really taken from the upcoming album - Prodigy is still dead to me. :(

Fortunately “Experience” is just a reach away on the shelf…


they died with “the fat of the land”, I have never been so much dissappointed by a record I bought. (well, actually I might have been more disappointed by another record, but I cant remember at the moment). for me its “music for the jilted generation”. that was the one time he did great.

I can’t agree, I think Fat of the land is really good. Prodigy created a new kind of sound and did it great. To me they are one of the best groups ever and I think he is kind of a music genious.

I downloaded some tunes and I really like 3 of them :D Don’t worry I will buy the record (from my friends recordshop) as soon as it is out!

Their new album is very dirty and punk like. I think its great that he/they have started to make music again.

But I can tell you now that you probably won’t like it…

Just listened to it, and it seem’s like he’s slipping off the rails in my opinion.

A lot of it has turned into what I would call a retrofied 80’s electro kind of sound, especially in “Action radar”, “Hotride” and the thriller/cars type noises in “The way it is”, which I like.
There’s a few, much more funkified tracks, like “Memphis Bells” and “Get up Get off”, it reminds me, quite a bit of that shoddy garage stuff, but this is made the way it should be done. I can imagine those getting played a lot by the likes of heartless crew :lol:
I luuurrrve those wicked real-time-stretched beats in Medusa’s path, and the crazy climax in girls, but there’s not enough to make me want to listen to it a lot, bit like fat of the land really, but that was better. Good to see Liam still sticking strongly to his guns in terms of production though. I’ll probably buy it for the tracks I like, and it’ll probably grow on me as I listen to it, like FOTL.

Speaking of being disappointed by a record:

I’ve NEVER been so disappointed by a record as I was with the new CD by Fatboy Slim… what was it called again?

Can’t even remember.

The one with the sun on the front.

It was horrible. Just horrible. The worst was probably the Macy Gray track.

Anyway, compared to Fatboy Slims latest, I’m sure Prodigy won’t disappoint me in the same way.

I kind of liked “Girls” too :)

Music for the Jilted Generation was by far their best album though.

Fat Of The Land and Music For The Gilted Generation are two excellent albums. FOTL is probably a notch above MFTGG.

That’s possibly the best electronic album ever made, Orbital’s “In Sides” was very good though.

Its because its a mix/cover of thriller…

I downloaded the entire Album



Seems like Liam finally discovered Distortion…

I thought all the songs sounded the same.


Music For The Jilted Generation with that grey face is a classic CD. The best of theirs without a doubt. The song Firestarter is quite a memorable song from Prodigy (dont remember from which album though), which I thought was a cool one but after that Prodigy began to fade I think. With that song and forward they maybe kept producing some interesting rhythm, but in the aspect of music not - the songs sounded rather stupid (another example; ‘Smack My Bitch Up’.) But then maybe they intended only to create good rhythm and nothing more.

Not sure if I’ve seen the video. But I think music should work without videos - they should rather be considered as bonuses.

Smack my bitch up is a work of art.

Pure Genius!

… And the music video is even better!