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Hello everyone, I though I’d use this opportunity of the close of year to re-assess some community direction. We have been blessed with Renoise as a powerful tool to make wonderful sound and music, BUT: there still remains much confusion as to how to best use it and how to generally make great polished sound.

Firstly, I’d like to sum up the situation we have now:

1. Tips n tricks Forum = This has rather unfocused mass of threads that range from general Renoise-related trickery to other issues with using software and hardware. There isn’t much structure or sense to it all beyond the ‘forum format’ and often questions and answers get repeated. It is one of the least used forums of the Renoise boards.

2. Renoise InDepth = Started with multiple aims one of which was to bring a blogging engine to this website. It went generally well for a little while and then due to lack of contribution and lack of interactivity in the blogging format, it pretty much withered down to the official news engine for RSS announcements for Being ‘official’ InDepth didn’t provide much space for moving beyond 100% Renoise focused articles and thus prevented discussing general production methods incorporating 3rd plugins and software. Wordy blogs put off a lot of people due to low literacy levels.

3. Various off-site Production Tutorials = These roughly include the YouTube videos; a WIKI that byte started on general production; and various bits of media on Mick Rippon’s Loop Project website (which is now titled Renoise Resources). Again a combination of lack of interest, lack of focus and organization have generally meant that these bits and pieces have not had a sweeping impact. All these projects have good honorable intentions and perhaps lack official support.

4. The Renoise Tutorial Sub-Website = This appears to be run entirely by vV. Parts of this section are absolutely indispensable basic information about renoise and it’s features. But, the scope of this is limited to basic usage and doesn’t go into production issues etc.

5. General discussions on Song Threads and IRC that individually address artists’ production issues. This at best is haphazard and inefficient in terms of community energy (while at the same time encouraged because it’s a good thing that the community discusses these things). Again, good advice is stated over and over for things like basic mix practice.


This is where I ask Renoise-official and the wider community “what do you want?”. We have a community of a limited size and energy but with inherently common aims of producing good music. Do we need a website that is dedicated to a community project of collectively bettering our production skills via Renoise (with the open usage of 3rd party tools)? Honestly, with the little energy we have is it possible?

If the answer is YES, then we need to consider the following: How is this best done? Via a WIKI? Video tutorials? A hybrid blog system of some sort? Another thing: would such a site be Officially part of the Renoise website (and therefore officially supported and hosted), or would it remain as a third party project?

Lastly, and probably most importantly: Just how well do people learn via reading/watching as opposed to actually DOING? The best intended messages can fall on deaf ears. Another aphorism that is appropriate is: “When the student is ready the teacher appears”. These are factors to consider.

I don’t personally intend to provide the answers for all these issues, but I did want to bring it up for possible resolution. There is potential here for a decisive direction.

Most of what I pick up haphazardly from forums like this one and from IRC conversations, I cross-reference against Tweak’s Guide. If a guide to making polished tracks in any tracker (be it Renoise or whatever else) should probably be organized like this:

Just turn the rock cliches into tech cliches and change “how much gear is enough” into “what kind of plugins do you need anyway?” and work from there.

I’m wondering if there was ever a complete guide to tracking, because I’ve never seen a polished guide to making good tracks in the IT and pre-IT trackers. It’d be a pretty big leap if we came up with a useful guide. If anyone forsees Renoise being as big as or bigger than an expensive commercial DAW, such a guide would be the signal and catalyst.

Yay, exactly what I need! ;)

p.s. whoa, I’d like an edited version without all the unfunny storytelling heh.

But the basic concept with “a lot of pages at top level” sorted by chronology (starting with the basics, ending up with platinum album production level stuff :P) -> +1! All I personally can offer is web ninjitsu, otherwise I need to read and heed tutorials, surely not write them, sorry X|

Calling the sub-website tutorials was a poor choice as Taktik and I agreed to transform whatever i already put online on my personal site, to a complete manual.

A manual in general usually describes the basic use of the various features of an application. Another thing why it doesn’t go too deep is because of workflow methodology (more about that later), who am i as a manual writer to dictate someone how to exactly use an application? The manual should allow anyone to shape his / her own workflow and with help of the other stuff around, find the path to develop his/her personal skills using Renoise.

The manual should however advertise links to the other sources which i intend to add sooner or later if i have the time and my PC is unpacked again (recently moved).

Renoise InDepth isn’t being kept up to date. I see good trickeries being posted in the Tips and Tricks forum but not all posters have access to the InDepth pages. Some of the recent posts could simply be added there.

Also the InDepth pages could be advertised better which includes a reference somewhere on the manual pages, i see questions appearing here on the board that has answers on those pages.

Another thing about the InDepth site is the categories might as well cloak the inside material too much and maybe some topics aren’t attached to all the related categories.

You have to search by either browsing the categories or using the search function in the hope your question related topic is in there.

With the eveolving of Renoise come along various ideas to boost the workflow and enhance inspiration opportunities which are actually the main goals in every aspect you mentioned above and nothing more.

So what we can do to inventory is classify aspects for workflow improvement and how they relate or actively link to eachother.

Classify aspects for inspiration enhancement. (Contests, co-op and other songprojects)

The last classification is easier than the first one:of workflow methodologies exists a massive 1001+ amount how folks desire to create and produce (which clearly demonstrates the versatility Renoise has got to offer).

So if you can classify the general workflow methodologies, then i think you have a bigger chance to hit the nail on the biggest part of its head.

convert indepth to a wiki kthx ^_^

Given everything vV has mentioned and what Byte just said I agree with Byte. A public/reg.user wiki.

So, if I understand correctly, you want some sort of outpost for general production techniques, geared towards renoise users? I agree, most of the info on this site is related to just the mechanics of tracking, and not much else.

But to what extent would this be better than just using kvraudio or any other site for that info? I mean, are the production techniques in renoise that much different?

The following thread, along others like it should be in the Wiki:

The forums are starting to get played out IMHO. People don’t bother to use the search function. General knowledge turns into a thread instead of a document. Three months pass and someone new comes to the forum and starts something that was beaten to death a few months back. I’m as much to blame as anyone (look at any XRNS-PHP thread, for example).

I’m very interested in:

  • Any general knowledge, that can be updated, should be.
  • Anyone who is a Renoise user should be allowed to edit that general knowledge.
  • A moderator should be alerted to changes, and edit accordingly.

Forums have their place, but a knowledge repository is not one of them.

PS: I’m posting before 2009 because my contractual obligations have relaxed; allowing me to venture back into procrasturbation territory. So, hi.

Good points in favor of a wiki.

Bantai has set up a wiki:

I added a page:

Someone fix my crap, I don’t know wiki syntax worth shit.

Some suggestions for new pages:

  • Explain how VST work on a macintosh and the differences between a universal binary vs PPC/Intel only Start here.
  • Explain multicore. Start here
  • A list of free VST/AU/LADSPA plugins. Which ones are for Mac, Which ones are for Windows, Etc.
  • List of breakcore artists who use Renoise.
  • How to use a compressor.
  • Anything worth reading, go nuts, be creative.

Let’s unleash some chaos and learn as we go, get the momentum going here. We’ll edit, adjust and revert as we go.


frequently asked questions! might be a good idea to collect most of them first before starting to make individual pages.

Absolutely excellent gents! Well done! Nice long term project for 2009. I shall be slowly filling it up with stuff.


Lets integrate with IPB so we don’t all need separate login credentials:…_with_MediaWiki

Things are shaping up, great work Foo? and Bantai.

I :wub: this wiki. Now I’ve got something constructive to do with my quiet moments at work.


Renoise Knowledge Base? Renoise Science!

nag edit: thanks so so much for adding my name to the wiki! but my url is ;)

Cheers, did so ;) Gonna keep an eye on this!

It could have been worse kaneel, I could have labelled you as a

“French Artist”.

Not for now, but if spambots get a sniff of the site, the wiki will be crowded with pornspam or money-spam.

That happened on the manual site as well.

btw, the manual site had user-contribution pages which hardly got extended by users.

That is why i removed the “edit” links -> lack of interest by voluntary 3rd party editors.