Prompt_For_Multiple_Filenames_To_Read() Broken On Linux?

Are you sure? Pressing the CTRL key while clicking doesn’t select more than one song?

This would be a bug with Renoise then and should be looked at, regardless.

More info please.

I’m sure…

Linux (as stated below) if it matters, other info needed?

Duplicated here too :(

The custom file dialog on Linux doesn’t allow multiple selections when defined as such in a Renoise script.

Split thread and move to bugs?

Split and moved.

Original script here.

Works just fine here on Linux: Control + Shift does select multiple files.

Tested with Renoise 2.7.1 Linux x64 - Ubuntu Natty 11.04

Tested Rns2.7.1 x64 on Fedora15 XFCE x64 Live CD running ./renoise not installed and Ctrl/Shift plus clicking highlights multiple files. Trying to open gives the expected Can’t Load Multiple Song Files message. Can’t test with the related script currently.