Propellerheads Announce "rack Extension" And "figure"

A US$1 iOS app that’s designed for music-making on a bus. Multi-touch interface, built around quick access to tonality, rhythm, and pattern – but the Reason engine under the hood. The same as Reason on desktop.

After years of resisting plug-ins, something different: Rack Extension is Reason’s own format that opens the Rack to developers, but in the Props’ view solves problems like providing undo, cross-platform compatibility, and easier collaboration than plug-ins provide.

Audition add-ons with a 30-day trial.

Rack Extensions will be available by summer (some time Q2) as a free update. Third parties already announced include Korg, Sugar Bytes, Peff, Softube, GForce, SonicCharge. And they’re inviting other developers. (No word on an SDK.)

A store to buy add-ons, runs Windows and Mac, associates your license with your account. 70/30 profit.

uhm…“plugins” for Reason environment?

Yep, fx, synths, drummachines, pattern-players… Would be sweet to get a “Renoise-device” in the Reason-rack! :)

what for? \\
ReWire isnt enough?

Not quite… If Reason could act as a ReWire host, then yes. But as Reason only is a slave, it makes the amazing Reason-mixer redundant… I know, it’s not Renoise’s fault.

I’m sure someone will make a tracker-like device for Reason. -Nothing beats a tracker when it comes to manipulating samples, and writing patterns/beats quickly.

It would also be a great way for Renoise to reach a bigger market. The SDK is free, and developers can ask the price they want for their products.

a little off topic, but this makes me wonder if there are people with Renoise tattoo’s

There’s at least one:



What a bunch of bull****. I’m glad you get this stuff for free in Renoise…

Well I think Pulsar comes free with Reason…
Haven’t used Reason in years but I think it’s actually quite nice what they’re doing, an own marketplace for their product… It can’t be compared with the API possibilities of Renoise, because you can actually build fx and synths with Rack Extensions…

I think its going to grow their user base. Obviously, its a bet, and it could fail… but I think its going to super successful.

damn 80 bucks for their own piano instrument thing. they’re just showing other developers they need to ask big prices as well or what?

luckily there are guys like audio damage and sugar bytes that aren’t complete assholes.

That’s currently true, but if the Lua engine is upgraded to the JIT engine, then a lot more possibilities open up on this terrain.
And there are already some tools that do quite some synth magic, though the result is currently always an offline product.

I assume that marketing video was done with a sense of humor, as it mimics the style of a well-established television ad format.

OT: just a question. you mean the LuaJIT engine or that by LLVM? how is LuaAV? its open source,
so nothing for renoise (dont know the license), just asking.

EDIT: ontopic: now thats a funny commercial … and teasing you with korgs poly synth Re (Pulsar video).

Was speaking of LuaJit. (LuaAV is using LuaJIT, LLVM is also using third party libraries which have their own licenses, so not sure if that one is feasable)
But i guess it will not get to the level that Rack extensions will have, because they probably have more freedom in UI design.

i don’t use reason, but i think this is cool. i’ve had mostly good experiences with the super powers of ‘proprietary’ plug-ins. buzz, fruity loops, pro-tools. stuff vst cannot do well. nobody seems to care about vst3, so why the hell not? maybe renoise should do the same?

funny thread…

Headquest might be right… he is usually pretty centered

The worst thing is they’re charging money for vst’s that are completely free for other hosts.

Sure, it’s probably taken them a good amount of time to convert them into reason rack’s but… free vsts should stay free.