Protested Some Protesters For A Change

Let me start out by stating - I have nothing against religion. Well, ok I am not being honest. I think most of them are awful.

I am not trying to start any kind of crazy flame war here so please understand that. With that being said -

Here is the text that I wrote on my youtube video upload for more information -

Protesting the abortion protesters outside of a clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had my camera on me and always pondered why they never seem to have any opposition. I drive by these individuals on almost a daily basis and they are always seemingly uncontested. They have no respect for people who make the very difficult, yet legal choice of abortion. To add icing on the cake they are also passing judgement which I find extremely hyprocritical seeing this is a sin in itself according to the bible - Luke 6:37. Who appointed these people “God” ? Whose authority allows each of these people to act on God’s behalf? Disgusting. Mind your business. Follow the bible. Stop hindering God’s gift of free will endowed by us all - let him judge.

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Haha, nice one!
Did they give any response to your wise words?

good one. unfortunately, catholics are generally against opinions, as they only believe to theirs.

Wow that was just GREAT man :) I loved it, so bloody good :)
Cool wise words.

They think they are saving life when they are not. They should read the book freakonomics.

nice work

Thanks everyone! It was really just a spur of the moment thing. It was quite funny. My absolute anger was the only thing that kept me from laughing.

I was just so annoyed once I started filming and then they immediately starting praying out loud?

It was so bizarre. Watch the video and put up the volume. I should have been the one praying. These are the same bunch of sick freaks who bomb abortion clinics!

I will be shooting more very soon. I will be doing some biblical research of my own to battle these morons at their own game.

I didn’t want to go into it just calling them names. I am going to use the words of their own faith to contradict their actions.

Even if it doesn’t ultimately change their actions, maybe for a split second they will consider what I am saying. I believe it’s the right approach.

The interpretation of can be construed to intend almost anything.

Should be interesting. I will post more as they are available. Maybe I should start a local group to oppose these people? They are standing there EVERY day.

I think they just need to find a hobby.


And it’s funny that pro-choice supporters progressives people are also usually against the opinion that some people who aren’t fucktarded christians fundies can be against abortion in its current form.

There are people out there who don’t give a fuck about Christians values but find it shocking that throwing 12 weeks old foetus in the trashbin is legal, in the name of feminism and self called leftist progressives values.

When you see in some European countries that abortions is nearly 1/3 of the number of births, what is it but the sign of a worthless individualist civilisation, who reduced life to a simple consumer’s choice? Let’s give to people who are dumb enough to not use contraceptives (the vast majority of abortions) the right to kill: fuck yeah !

Lunat, are you involved with hardline straight-edge or something? In my lifetime that’s the only counter-culture movement I have seen push anti-abortion as progressive. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but clearly this is a case of Problem [A] does not equal Solution [B]. Protesting abortion is not the solution to the problem you describe, education and condoms are. Can you back up your 1/3 number or are you just making shit up? Furthermore, are you vegan? I fuck with condoms. You should too. Everyone should. I’m monogamous.

I’m not protesting in a way or another, just saying my point of view. And I’m not involved in any sort of “life style” nor political stuff. And you’re right about the solution: education. And that’s where nearly every country fail hard, you just have to see the growth of aids spreading in the population under 30 to see that they’re failing big time. Same for abortion.

But even without that, I find it shocking to throw a foetus in a trashbin, no matter what the reason is. And that’s my right.

I am pro-choice and I also feel throwing a fetus in a trash bin is shocking. One can agree and still be pro-choice. Do you think I relish in unborn children being deposed of like refuge?

What about the kids who were “unwanted” and are abused? Those who live miserable lives because their parents did not have the resources to care for them?

Which is worse?

And why?

I look at a fetus as this wonderful potential. That potential can be something extraordinary good or bad.

I also think it’s horrible how cows are slaughtered. It’s downright disgusting. I don’t eat meat very often; not a huge fan of it. Despite knowing their treatment I will still enjoy a hamburger on occasion.

This list goes on.

Well, if it makes you feel any better I would never allow me or my partner to be in the position of having an abortion. I would hope others were as vigilant. But they aren’t.

I’ll tell you a story. I was 17 at a party (this would be over 15 years ago) and a girl starting having a nervous breakdown. Crying. She had an abortion because she made a stupid mistake. This was random information that came out of nowhere. She kept saying she dreamt of her baby every night. She was being suicidal. It was a horrible mix of crazy drunk teenagers and unwanted drama. We had to try to calm her down so she wouldn’t kill herself.

Suffice to say that’s one story. I can tell you a few more but i’ll stop here. No one walks away from an abortion without being emotionally scared for life. Regardless of the situation, stupidity or not.

I can piss my name in the snow because I have a dick, but i won’t piss on someone’s choice. Your outrage lacks compassion and understanding IMHO

I would have totally brought a boombox to rock out with those old fucks just to show how absurd their behavior is. If thats what they want to do on a nice day… sure as hell beats staying in, shitting & pissing in their bedpans.

I admit I overemphasized what I say, but I never said I’m against the right of abortion. People should just have a better education about it, because the numbers are way too high, a lot of people just do it too lightly. And the vast majority of them aren’t kids from rape, or stuff like that. Most are “unwanted” as you say, and the word itself sounds awful. And also, “being poor” is the most awful excuse ever to abort, why not pushing the thinking to its extrem and abort every kind of child with any sort of genetic sickness, etc…

As for the cows, I just don’t give a flying fuck about animals. I only worry about my kind.

That’s because I’ve known people like that too that I think there’'s something wrong with how abortion are done today.

Because in most of the case, abortion are decided not because the (usually) teen doesn’t want it, but because of the social pressure: “you won’t be able to support your kid” and stuff. And we end up with totally wasted individuals who realised they killed something that could have make them happy.

I think kaneel and I need to have a babee.

I’ve got a great story, this ones from many many years back. We had jehovas witnesses visiting our building and they also rang my downstairs neighbours doorbell. They started asking questions and he told he is not very interested, they kept going on if he is against their religion or any religion in general blah blah. He even tried to close the door but a woman stopped it. Suddenly he had said hold on a sec, I’ll get my coat, I’ll join you… and started following them. Right behind their tails, did nothing, said nothing, just followed them from door to door and stayed on the background. Believe my WTF-factor when they came to my door at some point… kindly said no thank I don’t need guidance and closed the door.

This guy from downstairs, he followed them two more buildings and didn’t react to any questions at all. On second building the jehovas had it and called the police, accusing him being aggressive and harrassing their things. The police told he can continue following them if he wants to, but they would really appreciate if they just left the jehovas alone… and so he did.

I can wholeheartly recommend the same for anyone :slight_smile:

If it weren’t for abortion, I’d currently be morally locked into a relationship that I didn’t want, with a child that wasn’t mine… because I’d feel the need to support the other party for her child’s sake. Long story short, she aborted very early in, so it’s not an issue now.

That being said, I’m pro-life… who wouldn’t be pro-life?! … I’m also pro-choice… who wouldn’t be pro-choice?! … stupid terms!

What blows me away about anti-abortion is that we’re somehow supposed to treat potential human life with more respect than existing human life. Hell, we’re supposed to treat it with more respect than existing animal life as well… and even with more respect that POTENTIAL animal life! WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE INCOMPLETE HUMANOID?!
epic facepalm

As for throwing fetuses in trashcans, you should be aware that this wouldn’t happen. They indeed dispose of them, but they do it in the same manner as all medical waste… they incinerate it. So you can rest assured that your unborn baby received a cremation instead of becoming seagull food.

Trepain: you might want to use this next time you go protesting: … Leviticus and Deuteronomy are particularly funny/disturbing. Props on the vid btw. I just don’t understand why you turned the camera off :P

well, maybe we could contrast their arguments against abortion by asking them: “and what if, when my baby grows, he becomes an homosexual?”. Looking at how much respect they pay to homosexuals, this should at least pose a threat to them.

What do you get that fact from? Is there any research that people do it too lightly? Or is it just something you think you know?

If one should push it we could also push it in the other way. Should a man be able to get ejakulation, because that is also potential life?

Have you been really poor yourself, hardly not beeing able to get yourself food?
Sure, in a perfect world no person should be poor.

Perhaps true? But did you know that abortion could have been the major factor of why the crime rising crime in the US during the 80-90 stopped?…ld-you-believe/

I got the french numbers straight out of official data, approx 700 000 births per year for 200 000 abortion, that’s a pretty bad ratio. 1 abortion for 3 births, that’s there is something wrong obviously. The problem, and I’m only talking about country I know (france in this case) is that you can’t question the high rate of abortion without being labelled as fundie Christian or some sort of nazi. You can’t ask question about it, period. So of course, not a single research is done about it, we only get the raw numbers. Think about it, 1 abortion for 3 births, it’s way more than abortion due to rape or due to medical causes. So the problem lies in the use of people who do it by choice. The problem lies in a totally failed sex education system. And the problem lies on the moral inquisition in our country that forbid any serious debate about it (last time I saw a debate about it, it was some hysteric Christian old fart against a young cute feminist, what a joke).

Again it depends, if what is said in this paper is true, then abortion reduce crime if done in high crime rate population (poor people). And while it may temporary decrease some problem, it will create others, because those unborn people in our country are replaced by immigration (that has been the official policy since decades here anyway: no birth policy but an open boarder policy to replace the birth deficit). And mass immigration in our country means ghettos because our gov just doesn’t give a fuck, and ghettos means : higher crime rate. Also, due to the cultural background of our current immigration (mostly people from north africa), those people, as opposed to us, still have some strong family and moral values, and they are strongly against abortion. Abortion won’t reduce crime rates here.

And I’m not even talking about the traumas it causes to people who went through it. How many people who aborted can say years later “yeah I would have done the same”? Not the majority.

Also someone said “anti-abortion people say that future lives have more values than already existing one”. And yeah, if you fail to see it then question yourself, are you pro or against death sentence for criminals? Because we’re not talking potential lives here but actually existing ones. And if you answer to yourself that you are against, ask yourself if it makes sense for some people that existing life not yet born deserves the same chance than those existing ones.

So once again, I’m not against the right of abortion (and I’m not for death sentence either), I just think that today our actual system fail, fail at doing everything to use abortion as the last thing possible. And that a serious debate about it doesn’t exist at all. Because it’s a debate that goes way further than the only question of abortion, but question the place of life and familiy values in our current ultra liberalist society. Because today, having an unexpected kid usually means “you’ll need more money to support him, it will bring trouble, you won’t have time for your hobbies/friends anymore, think about your career” etc…

Euthanasia is exactly the same problem.

Somehow I can’t stop thinking that abortion and euthanasia, even if really necessary to a lot of people, mainly profit to the system, which is annoyed by the weaks and olds, who cost too much money. Or by those family of 5 or 6 kids, who can only spend their money on necessary things, compared to 30 years old single people who can consume way more. Or by those fathers or mothers, who prefer to stay at home caring about their kids than working in some factories.