Protrekkr For Psp…26134/catid/151

Haven’t tried it yet but I’m gonna try to do an SDcompo round 36 entry with it. :D :D

how do you input notes?

Despite being a tracker, it looks very influenced by Renoise.

Looks indeed like Renoise 1 :)

That actually makes a lot of sense, because it was coded out of Noisetrekkr as well.

No idea how to input notes as I can’t get this to run on my PSP just yet. Not sure what’s wrong.

Interesting io, ta.

It’s just a replayer for the ProTrekkr music you track on the PC. You, know for cross-platform development of PSP demos. And not so much for even that, as it says on the very linked page:

Goddamnit, the news article really doesn’t make it very clear that this is only a player and not the actual tracker.

Fuck this.

I need to be able afford a laptop, even a really cheap shit one, but I just can’t …

ah i wouldn’t get down, the reason people don’t make trackers for the PSP is the same reason Peter of Milktracker fame didn’t make one.
the input method just isnt there. surfing the web on it, really shows it’s limits.

what i did was finally buy a refurbished ppc smartphone with a flip out qwerty keyboard that runs windows CE 6. it works very well with milkytracker too. it has a micro sd slot, so i put a 4gb card in it with samples and it works great. i’ve had three devices total other than standard computers or laptops that has ran milkytracker. first one was the sharp zaurus, it’s broken until i fix it. the second was a fujitsu pencentra about 200usd from ebay, this one was probably the coolest because the screen is large but it doesn’t run very quickly it runs wince3. it’s just very cool looking, and looks great in the daylight. then my HTC TYTNII (sounds like titan2) i bought refurbished from att for like 150usd. other than my standard computers, it’s the only handheld device i mess with anymore. problem with it is the screen is practically unreadable in the sunlight. so, must stay away from the Daystar!

it’s not like your average tracker. the interface is cloned from the gameboy tracker LSDj

Damn. That’s rough. But I agree with choice, there wouldn’t be any efficient way of inputting notes. Unless it would be along the lines of the macbook wheel.

IR keyboard …

Hence LittleGPTracker uses an interface specifically geared towards game console using mortal kombat combos to perform action. Although it might seem retarted, it’s actually a LOT faster than any mouse based interface since you have a good grip on the machine and don’t have to move your hands at all.

A few videos of tutorial right here.

If you are into tracker and would like to go the mobile way, there’s nothing better. I’d be nice to have some feedback from heavy renoise users.


So you’re gonna carry a keyboard around with you? You might as well just carry your laptop around.

If I HAD a laptop …

PDA IR keyboards are small and can be folded anyway. Could fit in a shirt pocket.


You should start up a paypal laptop donation…

Dude … How narcissistic…

Do you think anyone would actually donate to that? What benefit would they have?

“Those who donate more than $20 will receive a signed CD with a song dedicated to them”

There you go, that’s motivation enough.

Idk dude, I see donation links everywhere. So I’m guessing that people must be willing to donate to help. Idk, worth a shot. Unless you don’t want a laptop…

I’d feel like a total whore. We’ll see…

Ha ha ha ha!!!

But you’d be a happy one.