Ptrance^rayn - Evoke 2008 Entries

Streaming music competition
Beatslaughter & ptrance^raYn / BluFlame - Crowbar Massacre
Rank: 7th

Loop competition
ptrance / BluFlame - I guess I’m a Loop, no?
Rank: 25th
Comment: Quickly hacked together several minutes before deadline. :)

Well, these were the actual “played” entries. However, I composed a track for the tiny music competition as well but it wasn’t played unfortunatly, which is also completly my fault. I completly messed up my submission there and the track appeared in a wrong category and therefore it got disqualified.
I was actually fighting a bit with myself since then, if I release it or if I don’t since I could use it for another compo. However, the urge for feedback has won and so -> here comes ze linkage:

The lost tiny music entry
ptrance / BluFlame - I Broke My Leg On This 64 KiloByte Shizzle
Rank: Morality winner \o/

  • xrns file - 46kb zipped[/url]

Sebastian, I officially love you! :D

I had downloaded and digged your loop and mp3/ogg, but the <64k is another thing… It is stunning! It’s a trance, and it’s gay!! Source size is unbelievable, and the mix rocks. :yeah: Another school of tracking for me.

BTW, what does my recluse nickname do in song comments?! :blink: Copy/Pasted by mistake I assume? ;) You’ve always been extra kind to me. :)

crap… trance is gay :smashed:

should I leave you out of the comments the next time? :P

I found a bug in my tiny music entry. Please raise the volumeslider on the postmaster to 0db otherwise the limiter is drawn useless. Should also give the track a bit more drive back… :D

You’ve totally misunderstood me, I meant putting me above Keith and It-Alien! :P

Changed from -6dB to 0. Thanks.