Pure Control Tracks and User Defined Scales


My two suggestions for enhancing Renoise: (1) making it possible to use a track purely for control purposes and (2) adding user defined scales.

(1) Now, (if I get it right) you can apply a device like Signal Follower to control/affect another track, but the very audio of the controlling track is still within the overall mix. It would be great to switch the controlling audio off but still use it to purely control the other track. (These are just pure-control tracks; such a feature was present in every electronic studio of the 70s.)

(2) Scales are fine! But it would be even a better idea if you were able to define your own scales!

OK! If I don’t know something, just forget it. I’m still a relatively new user.



Hi artzien,

personally, I would just turn down the volume of the signal before it enters the mixer. This is easily done using a gainer, or on the post-mixer device - you really think that warrants a special type of track?

As for (2), this has been suggested and considered as a native feature in Renoise

But then you just reminded me of a slightly different concept/idea… It revolves around the idea that sometimes, your songs grow to become very complex. Not only with many tracks, but also parameters that are inter-connected, modulate each other in various ways…

So the idea was to introduce a separate tab (like “Edit” and “Mix”) that would allow you to easily group together all these “logical” elements, and visually organize them in their own separate space without actually changing the layout of the song in any way.