Transpose scale presets.

Greetings all,
Is it possible to add to the preset list for Transpose Scale? There are many nice presets but being able to add my own custom or even basic quarter tone stuff would be handy.

Thanks for the help!

How would you go about entering quarter tones into the pattern in the first place?

Each qwerty key would be a quarter step as opposed to 12ET.

That is something neither of us really can know, i only explained the current situation and how you can accomplish at least a similar effect in this situation.

I think you can make an instrument all quarter notes with the Modulations, but yeah, then it’ll be >all< quarter notes of course.

I really like the new feature in Renoise 3 that allows you to set a scale for the piano roll to only allow yourself to play notes that are in tune. I think it would be amazing if this tool could follow a “chord progression” track that automatically triggers different scales to coincide with the song’s chord changes. This would let me do a lead solo by button mashing on the keyboard and letting Renoise keep the notes in tune.

As a singer/guitarist first, producer second, and keyboard soloist last, I think in chord progressions (Em C D G) and would love to be able to limit my input to notes that are in tune with my chords.

Is that (A) possible now, or ( B) possible to add in the future?
Thanks, and keep up the4 great work.

Or just use the existing automation framework on the key and transpose scale, e.g. something like wiring a macro up to those controls.