Pusher: Renoise with the Push

I am working on a tool that provides nice and device-aware integration for the Ableton Push.

My goal is to be able to control most if not all of Renoise (or at least all I use of it) with the Push.

At the current state I have a working API for everything but the ribbon, some simple
transport control as well as a static note playing mode akin to the Live one.

Does anyone around here with a Push have any wishes or ideas that I might consider?

That’s awesome, I was just thinking about the Push the other day. By “a static note playing mode akin to the Live one” do you mean to incorporate the same style of note expression (ie chromatic / tuned to a scale) ?

This sounds really good.

I did a tool for padKontrol integration (mpc style) including chromatic scale mapping called pKing.

If it assists in any way, feel free to take any code you require as long as you acknowledge where it came from. :)

Also, a demo video would be a great way to show off this tool.

Yes, I do. I already have scale highlighting (in chromatic mode) working, but the scale has to be configured in the source code.
But I do have a scale database and I can switch between scales already.

I intend to implement all Note Mode features, plus a few extra ones. I’ve been thinking about:

  • mirroring the left side (so chord shapes are mirrored between left and right hand, as in some earlier synth controllers).
  • a guitar-like fretboard mode where each line corresponds to a string and slides can be played (hard to do in Renoise, maybe out of scope)

Good that you already have the scale data. I converted a boatload of scales to usable data format one day from a picture of a old Kaossilator on google images. That took me a full day when I add it up, so yeah if you need that let me know but it seems indeed you already got it covered.
Curious for the implementation, please document the WIPs on youtube :D


I am a new member to the forum, so hello to all of you! I am thinking more and ore about using Renoise, as it would complement the way I use Live. I have Push too, and I would like to know if Push support with scripts has gone further.

Thanks in advance!


This sounds awesome.
Is it possible to browse / load samples and edit instruments / envelopes with your current setup?
Might have to get a push if so…

Do you have the tool for download?

any news on this? Or will it be included in a forthcoming duplex update?

Thanks in advance!



Afraid not. I know an owner, but he just become a daddy with no time for music-nerding :frowning:

But, reply to this thread or send me a PM to have Push support in Duplex!

Ok, I will post in the other thread :)

Thanks for the reply!