Pwm With A Single Sine Wave Sample!

I don’t usually post tips or tricks (or anything else), but this is something that works really well and I don’t think I’ve seen anybody mention it before.

You can make a PWM oscillator with a single cycle sample of a sine wave. Here’s how to do it:

Set up the following effect chain on a channel: DC Offset > Distortion (Razor gives you the classic PWM sound; set gain to 100% and Wet Mix to -6db so you still have some headroom). Now, add an LFO to control DC Offset’s DC Offset parameter. Put this mess through a filter and have fun. :)

For best results: make sure your sine wave sample is normalized. Also, I’ve found it helps if the sample starts at the zero crossing, otherwise it gets a little clicky.


good tip, thnx!

good one, will try it out and add it to my Cheatsheet.

nice! :)

Since steven didn’t provide a working example of his very cool technique, I have taken the liberty of doing so:
6443 renoise-pwm-demo.xrns
(Renoise 2.7 required)

I have also included my own method for achieving a very similar PWM sound within a single instrument with no DSP devices required. The instrument uses two sawtooth waveforms that play in unison, with one of them being inverted and slightly detuned to create the PWM effect.

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While crwaling (and searching for your tuned devices), I came across this. I didn’t know you already posted something like this. :blush: Props, Sir!