Renoise Cheat Sheet

Keyboard Frequency View inside a Track xrns.

Although there’s dBLue’s tuned filter, I use this as an overall view and checkpoint.

Not meant to be heard since I’ve used Vol, Pan, and Delay to place the numbers in. “A” in a Vol, Pan, or Delay column means a point or dot.

For example: C-400 261A63 = 261.63

If you like, you can add checkpoints for Sub Bass, Bass, Midrange, High Mids, and High Frequencies from this interactive frequency chart.

Looks nice

I am bookmarking that page. It’s so good.

RIP Captain Beefheart. He was completely right about that. I think too much.

@00.1 : i’ll look into that and see if i fully understand how it works. often with these things i am having trouble grasping it. over my head :)

@Thomas & Internet: thanks, glad you like and use it.

just added links to ‘printable’ versions of the pattern effects, including the midi-commands. they come in 3 styles: full colour, black on white and white on black. i suppose black on white should be the most popular, as you can take out your pencils and colour it in yourself.

the midi-commands have not been added to the on-site pattern effects, i don’t really know why. if you want me to anyway, let me know, i’ll see what i can do.

here’s the URL again for if you forgot:

added links to PWM Oscillator by steven:
and the ‘more tuned devices’ by dblue:

also, for those tips/tricks that the poster provided an xrns-file for, i downloaded that file and uploaded it on my own server just in case a download-link in a forum thread breaks. furthermore, i credited most of the tips to the original poster, with a link to the user-page on the forum, as well as a link to the forum-thread in the cases where that was not present yet.

hope people still find this useful. i recently figured out it functions pretty well as a link to various cool tricks posted in the forums, for when you are having trouble finding a certain something.

if anyone has a problem with me hosting their xrns on my own server, let me know and i’ll take it down. (i think so far all the files are by dblue though, so i hope he’s okay with it :) )

Nice job, looks good! :)

@TheBellows: thanks man! appreciate it.

was thinking after my earlier update, and remembered 2 additional things, which i then added. they are the Big ass Scopes Easter Egg and (how could i’ve forgotten this one?) my own collection of kinda-ridiculous-but-pretty-cool-nonetheless ‘Reversed Soundsculpting’ techniques.


(check out the link to the cheatsheet in my signature, or just click it here)

Thanks, rhowaldt! Bookmarked!

small one, but added a link to loopproject. check it here on the links-page:

Your site is now bookmarked rouwauldgh! thanks for sharing

Sweet. This is awesome. Thanks. :D

@all: thanks for the thank-you’s.

just updated it because i forgot KURTZ’s BPM Sync Instrument Envelopes thingy.

You should add this too.

i am now violently smashing my head into the tabletop trying to figure out where my mind was when i forgot to add that. damn. thanks. will get right to it.

edit: done.


was looking for a reggae tutorial tonight, remembered using a really good one before but sadly i could not find that again. then i stumbled across one i did not know and which is equally good. so, to not forget it again, i added the link to the cheatsheet, in the ‘Links’ tab and added its own category ‘Styles’. check it out here:

edit: if anyone has any other good tutorials for beats/rhythms/melodies in any kind of style (except trance, please, the cheatsheet is still personal enough for me to steer away from a type of music i cannot stand), feel free to suggest it here and i will add it if i agree on the quality/usefulness of it.

Only just dived into this for the first time, nice effort here rhowaldt! However, one suggestion: I’m finding the near white on the really dark background a bit hard on my old eyes. Is it easy for you to soften that contrast for old codgers like me? :P Otherwise well done, feel free to link in there the other In:Depth articles I’ve done just in case you haven’t yet. Sheesh, I’ve still got to make time to write more of those… :)

thanks man, good to hear even someone i regard as ‘loads more experienced than me’ still has use for my cheatsheet.

the colors are literally white on black (#fff on #000). i will look into it. i noticed that (at least in FF4) the top navbar line is shifted so i’ll have to check out the GUI again anyway. maybe do a bit of an update. my goal was to make it look like the Renoise (default) interface, but that turned out to be too much effort at the time so i settled for pure white on black. i bet if the background were a bit more grayish (lighter) it would be easier on the eyes, right?

i need to check out those In:Depth articles again, as i don’t remember each one, and might find some use for adding it to the cheatsheet.

as i may have said before, the cheatsheet is simply a collection of links and forum-posts and stuff that are nice to have in 1 organized place, so you don’t have to whip out Google or the Forum Search to find that cool native synth or that tip on phaser-techniques. got a PM from esaruoho asking if he could use some of it for something (still waiting for the explanation), asking if that was ok. for anyone reading this: that is perfectly ok, for the simple reason stated above, it is not my work, it is simply a collection. all i ask is some credit somewhere somehow, be it in a script comment or a forum post or a mention on your blog or whatever.

(everytime i smoke weed i have a tendency to talk too much. i am shutting myself up now, back to my first electronic-reggae-attempt)

ok, per the request from MMD above i have changed the GUI a bit. should be a lot easier on the eyes now, i think. i’ve traced some images to get them as transparent background .png, and they look pretty good if i say so myself. the pattern effects was a bit of a problem so i left that as it is for now. it does have the dashed border like the other images to make it stand out more, or something. and, i made the default view the effects + midi, instead of just the non-midi effects.

let me know what you think. (you might have to do a Ctrl+F5 (reload from server) to see the changes).

edit: went back in and changed some more, including the pattern effects image which i redrew completely. also removed some little mistakes from there, and improved the readability a bit. made the XML for the DSP Devices easier to select. gave the links and tips/tricks sections some columns and some changes in fonts etc. to optimize readability and give it a cleaner look.
re-read some of MMD’s In:Depth articles that i hadn’t linked to yet, and placed them in the links and tips/tricks section (thanks again, MMD!).