I really didn’t expect Renoise to be that accurate but once you record with note delays, it’s really impressing.
After that I’d like to quantisize my notes. But I can’t seem to find an option like that.
I know, I shouldn’t make suggestions right now. But I’d be happy to see this function somewhen in Renoise.

Yes it would be sweet for us who simply cant play piano :D Right there in the “advanced edit” window. There is the workaround to get quantizing, that is to not record note delays. But patterns tend to be quite long then :)

Well… most/many times you dont want to change the lenght of your recorded notes. You just wanna make them start right on a line. Not to end on a line. So recording quantized by just turning off ‘record notedelays’, simply is not good enough :)
You should have options to both quantize the start of notes and the ends of notes. Also an option to move a block/track one tick up/down would be very much appreciated.
Live midi recordings are still a hassle in renoise because of this. Also a better resolution would be my first wish for renoise in the future.

Yep, not to mention I may want to quantise a selection only, in which case turning off delay recording is even more not enough. ;)


and lil bit some viruz linkin across.exe



Yeah. I could really use a quantise too. My keyboard skills aren’t all there at the moment.


Quantise selection is sorely missed! Even a simple one like “quantise to nearest even row” would be super… This could go in the Advanced Edit section on the right perhaps.

Renoise rocks :)

definitely - good for playing in keymapped breaks too!

yes the option to quantise should be in any seriues music sofware