Quatization Of Triplets

Hi All,

I think I kind of understand how the quantization in Renoise works, I’m just having trouble getting it to do this one particular thing for me.

I have a high-hat pattern that contains triplets (i think!) and no matter what quantization settings I use, I can’t get it to quantize and sound right.

I’ve attached an .xrns

  • Track 1 is this high-hat pattern as I played it, without quantization. It’s pretty close to how I want it to sound.
  • Track 2 is the closest I can get with quantization (live or post), which sounds nothing at all like i want it; moving the triplet note too much.

Is there anyway to do this? Can you see from my song how I should set up the quantization to correctly deal with the triplet notes?


Set LPB to 12.

Cheat by using the “Fractional Notes” Tool?

or 3 or 6 or 18 or 24

Sorry bout that, well, the actual solution for you is only this: turn off quantize. Way better for your musical feel anyway, and if you play it perfect once you’ll have a good chance it plays back almost as perfect as the first time you played it :D
(I wanted to say this because, if you set the lpb to 6 and q to 2 lines, you won’t get the ‘normal’ notes quantized right… so yeah. just record em)
I didn’t download the xrns though, maybe you’re trying some dotteds, whatever it is, just try to play it like it should sound, and maybe in the end use the ‘iterative quantize’ tool to quantize it “a bit”.

edit again:
I’ve downloaded your example thing… my analysis, is you got a good groove going… especially the first 2 bars are really good. So what I would do in this case:

option 1: consider the 1st bar the perfect one

press ctrl+v to paste (one time)

Hey sorry for the late reply…Cheers for all your help, it’s all good advice :)

Yeah I thought I could change the lpb but then it would quantize some note right and not others…maybe I can work this out when I’m a bit more advanced.

Cheers Cas, this is good advice, pretty much what I was thinking i.e. some them are perfect so just copy and paste those…I was just wondering if there was a trick or technique for triplet patterns. I’ll look into using ‘iterative quantize’, is that a downloadable tool or built into the renoise quantize? Well, I’m being lazy now i’ll go have a look ;)

Thanks again.