Queefer Madness!

hey all.
check out my new track “High Powered Mutants - Queefer Madness” B)
(promotrack from forthcoming EP, some time 2009)

direct download here

this project, High Powered Mutants, is a side project I have with a buddy of mine, Lukas. On this track he plays bass + guitar, and does some of the voice samples. The rest of it is my work, a cocktail mix of both programmed and acoustically recorded elements…

YES, it has some porn in it! and no, it hasn’t anything to do with the xmas breakcore compo hehe. I guess we’re all just horny bastards.

btw, the norwegian male sample right before the porn stuff is something i’ve sampled from a totally insane (!) psycho-religious healer radio show sometime around 2001. In english that part would mean something like: “Let there be a flow, from heaven’s throne, let it flow through her body!”

Feedback is welcome! though we probably won’t change a thing haha :)
we’ve worked too much on this already, and the only thing me might do with it is a re-master. Maybe.

a more pumping housy remix of this tune is also in the making, will post soon if it turns out any good.

Thanks for checking it out!

Dig that funky groove!

Great track. Solid composition and really fun to listen to.


Very nice vibe!

doing funky dances

i like it. love the octave shift on the first vocal sample.

Real stylish. Nice

Okay, it’s 3am and yet I just joined the forum to tell you how awesome this song is. All the styles, instruments, effects, everything, blend together so smoothly. The result is divine. Anyway, happy new year to everyone, and see you soon on the forum.

Funkay! :drummer:

hey, thanks a lot for the positive feedback guys! means a lot.
it’s really useful to have a place like this, throwing out tunes for a little reality-check. thanks.