Question About Karsten Obarski

I was having a conversation in english at #renoise the other night when I decided to take a break and go downstairs to my mom’s kitchen and get something to eat. As I was microwaving my frozen burritos, the thought came to me, Karsten Obarskit-the inventor of tracking software-appreciates Renoise.
Although I have no proof that Karsten Obarski appreciates renoise, let alone even knows about renoise, I was hoping that someone here could verify my thoughts. Does Mr. Obarski like renoise?

I mean, it’s not like i NEED to know. It would be nice just to tell people that he likes it, especially if they also know the story of trackers.

Obarski is near sixties these days… doubt he has much interest in trackers anymore :)

Karsten Obarski is going to turn 46 this year, that´s not exactly near 60 ;)

Linus, are you Karsten?

Sorry, nevermind, I clicked on your links in your signature. But wouldn’t it be great if Karsten was here? I would give him my comment of nice job making tracker.

By the way Linus, Vegas is great! I’m listening to the album on bandcamp, i love it so far.

i think i have it set so the reply after myself condense to one

yeah wow lol this is weird, i like it thouse it keeps the threads short

nitpicker :lol:

ouch , that is verry poor statement , it’s sound a bit like ’ he is getting too old to make music ’

…i was more concerned about this statement!

Do frozen burritos exist outside of north america? If so, much cause for concern…

my mom buys them at shoprite i think. the directions are easy you just take them out of a wrapper and put them on a plate.

Wait, so it wasn’t programmed with a bunch of tubes and punchcards?

No, it was programmed with holes punched in frozen burrito wrappers.

I am quiet sure he would choose Renoise if he were to produce a video game mod today. Especially because of its versatility.
As far as I know he is much more into his family and his motorbikes by now (common stuff if you are almost, well 14 years ahead of 60, Hooligan/DCS :P)
But I will ask him if he still does some tracking occasionally, when I meet him by chance, it’s something I am curious myself. He doesn’t live too far from me.

Trivia Alert:
BTW, Karsten programmed the first Amiga tracker for the sake of having a versatile but still “human” operable music production system as a solution against tedious hexnumber feeding a machine for getting a single note to hear.
Funny thing is, that after the launch of the tracker he recognized that especially the tedious work of music programming and its limitations motivated some guys to produce outstanding compositions :ph34r: and the easy use of his tracker motivated others (some! not everyone!) to produce outstanding crap. (I exaggerated here his words a bit, but that is it more or less ;) )

Keep the humor LOL

Wait a minute! The burritos, the tracking, the punchcards, the conjecture over Obarski’s age…
It all makes sense :o
Robotrobot IS Karsten Obarski!

No I am not he, but i admire him also while i type this. And I love renoise.

[light-hearted japery]
dude. we don’t need instructions on how to “nuke” “convenience” “food”…geeks know these things by instinct!

although it’s good to know that shopwrong have their own Executive “chef”

anyway, are we/you really sure that the Amiga had the first tracker. my somewhat ancient memory is fuzzy but i’m thinking that maybe the ZX Spectrum had a tracker of some sorts (you had to buy a £100 add-on (RAM MusicMachine?). citation is needed etc

anyway, punchcards (i remember those) and vacuum tubes (those too), i also remember composing using stuff like this
[/busting balls]

I would be very surprised if Spectrum had a tracker before Amiga … I was a longtime Spectrum-user since dinosaurs walked earth and did not bump into such tracker. There is always of course a possibility that I just have missed it. My guess is the MusicMachine came after the Soundtracker.

Seems like the spectrum had it’s good share of trackers. But this MusicMaschine doesn’t really seem like a tracker:

Btw: I like the review. Here’s a quote:


I like how cowbell is the nr1 sound :)

20thousand KillerHerz :panic: sampling possible on the Spectrum? I’m not sure this even beats robotrobot’s Microwave LOL, though 20MHz sampling rate is quiet impressive for a good ol 8bit machine :blink: