Question About Sample Offset Values

I have not used renoise in quite a while, probably not since version 1.8. When i would load a drum break into the sample editor i would use the offset values to program a new beat into the sequencer. I may not be explaining this very well but on the lower tool bar next to the record button it used to display a value such as ‘0920’. This value would represent a certain position on the sample. in this case usually the snare drum.
My problam with version 2.7 is that this value is no longer displayed, and when i tried to program the value into the sequencer it did not work.
Does anyone know a way around this or have renoise changed how you program the samples. This was a fundamental part of how i used to program my beats.

You can right-click the rulers that are directly above and below the sample waveform view, to change the type of ruler that is displayed there. Sample offset (09 effect in 2.7, 0S effect in 2.8) is one of the available options you can choose from.

In Renoise 2.7 we have added Slice Markers, which give you much more accurate control over the points you want to trigger in the sample. For example, you can precisely add markers to the kick, high hat, snare, etc., and then trigger these precise points with the automatically mapped notes (C#4 and onwards, by default), or alternatively you can also use the old sample offset command to trigger them from the base note (C-4 by default).

Hi dblue thanx for the prompt reply, I have played about with the slice points but is their not anyway to program different intervals of a beat without having to assign each sliced section to a key. Before it was very easy to edit and re-invent a beat just by entering the values corresponding to each individual hit in the sequencer page, Such as the 0900 values I was on about before.

The old way works exactly the same as ever in 2.7 if you have no slices in the sample.

This is wicked mate, cud you show me how you enter these values on the sequencer page plz as this is where I had the problem as when I entered them next to the note it didn’t do anything, it just repeated the sample. Thanx again

Look at the tutorial packaged with Renoise called Tutorial - Beat Slicing as it shows the method.

Ahh ok, well I’m using 2.7.2 would this be the same?. If all else fails Ill install the beta and follow what uve said. I’ll let you know if this works thanx again.

In 2.7 the command is 09xx
In 2.8 the command is 0Sxx

They both do the same thing. We just rearranged the pattern commands a bit in 2.8, as you can see here: New Pattern Fx Commands

In either case, you can always reference the tutorial song to see how it works.

Look in Renoise’s main menu: Help > Tutorial and Demo Songs > Tutorial - Sample Offset

Apart from the Slice Markers that already existed in 2.7, we have not changed the basic behaviour of this command, so you should have no problem using it in the same way that you’ve always been familiar with.

Thanx guys all this advice helped I am now up and running :)