New Pattern Fx Commands

For quite some time, the die-hard pattern command users among you have wondered why it was only possible to address up to 14 DSP devices or parameters with effect commands of the type 2300 (set the second device’s third parameter to 0). In other words, why limit the range to 1-E when in theory, we could carry on all the way to Z.

Renoise 2.8 removes this limitation, and lets you address DSP devices over a range from 1 to Y (device 1 to 34), and device parameters over a range from 1 to Z (parameter 1 to 35). Parameter 0 for each device is the enable/disable toggle, previously on F.

Commands starting with 0 are still reserved for sample-based commands. The global commands that used to start with F have now been moved to the end of the alphabet and and all start with Z instead of F.

We also took advantage of these newly available letters to remap the somewhat cryptic number codes for our existing commands, so that almost all of them now have an easier to remember letter acronym which corresponds with the name of the command. Below is the complete overview.

Pattern Effect Commands

00xy 0Axy Arpeggio  
01xx 0Uxx Pitch Slide Up  
02xx 0Dxx Pitch Slide Down  
05xx 0Gxx Glide to Note  
0Fxy 0Vxy Vibrato  
06xx 0Ixx Volume Fade In  
07xx 0Oxx Volume Fade Out  
03xx 0Mxx Channel Volume (deprecated, use volume column)  
04xy 0Cxy Cut Volume (Volume Slicer)  
09xx 0Sxx Sample/Slice Offset  
0Bxx 0Bxx Play Backwards   
0Exy 0Rxy Retrigger Note  
0Dxx 0Qxx Delay Note (deprecated, use delay column)  
0Cxx 0Lxx Track Level  
08xx 0Pxx Track Panning  
0Axx 0Wxx Track Surround Width  
F3xx 0Jxx Set Track Routing (was global before)  
FFxx 0Xxx Stop All FX (was global before)  
 0Exx Set Instrument Envelope Pos  
 0Txy Tremolo (same options as Vibrato)  
 0Nxy AutopaN (same options as Vibrato)  

Volume/Pan Column Commands

9x Ix Fade In (Pan Left for Pan)  
Ax Ox Fade Out (Pan Right for Pan)  
Ex Rx Retrigger  
Bx Bx Play Backwards  
Fx Cx Cut Note  
Dx Qx Delay Note (deprecated, use delay column)  

MIDI Commands in Pan Column

C0 M0 CC  
C1 M1 Pitchbend  
C2 M2 Program Change  
C3 M3 Channel Pressure  

Global Commands

F0xx ZTxx BPM  
F1xx ZLxx LPB  
F2xx ZKxx TPL  
F4xx ZGxx Groove  
FBxx ZBxx Pattern Break  
FDxx ZDxx Pattern Delay  
FCxx Master Level (is now 0Lxx in the master track)  

For detailed information about parameter usage etc, see the FX drop-down menu underneath the pattern editor.

Makes sense, but what does this mean for old songs that use, for example, the 0Cxx command? Will these automatically converted to the new system or will Track Level commands now be played back as Cut Volume commands?

conversion is automatic when loading an old song into 2.8

that’s why older tracks loaded a bit slower the first time around in 2.8 :big aha moment:

I can certainly see this as the way forward, but as you have the option for FT2 commands can you have a switchable for old renoise too?

uhm. why? :blink:

Why are deprecated commands missing from the GUI command menu.
2841 missing_xqxx.PNG i was looking for delay

Sometimes command-based volume or delay control over the whole track is wanted, especially delay. what’s wrong with these commands?

L and Q are now respective Volume and Delay commands, the delay is indeed missing on the shortcut list.

Why does it say the note delay is deprecated in the column section? Or am I missing something? ;)

yeah why is that… it works perfectly fine. :s

And it has a perfectly different purpose as well. (grooving chord tracks etc.)

A late “thanks” for reworking effects - together with groups they make my work a lot faster and less complicated. No hundreds of send tracks anymore. You are my heros, devs!

Making the command codes more sensible and memorable is pure genius! \o/
For decades now I’ve had the old protracker codes in my mind and couldn’t replace them with Renoise ones. This changed all that single-handedly.

For what it’s worth, I made a list of mnemonics for all the commands (a word with the same first letter). While most are pretty obvious , some were a bit tricky to come up with.
I was expecting to find such a list in the manual but in the end came up with one of my own so I could remember all the letters quickly.
If this helps anyone to remember the commands more easily, then I’ll be a happy man.

If anyone can come up with a good mnemonic for N, please let me know :D

0Axy - ARPEGGIO - Arpeggio (x = first note offset, y = second note offset). Using 0 for x or y will use the basenote.
0Uxx - UP - Pitch slide up (01 is 1/16th semitone, 08 is a half semitone, 10 is one semitone).
0Dxx - DOWN - Pitch slide down (01 is 1/16th semitone, 08 is a half semitone, 10 is one semitone).
0Mxx - MIX - Set channel volume (represents range from -60 to +3db).
0Cxy - CUT - Volume slicer. x = volume factor (0 = 0%, F = 100%), applied at tick number y.
0Gxx - GLIDE - Glide to specified note with step xx (01 is 1/16th semitone, 08 is a half semitone, 10 is one semitone).
0Ixx - IN (fade) - Volume slide up with step xx (0I01 inserted 256 times will slide from 0 to full volume, 0I7F inserted twice will do the same).
0Oxx - OUT (fade) - Volume slide down with step xx.
0Pxx - PAN - Change the track pre-mixer’s panning (00 = full left, 80 = center, FF = full right).
0Sxx - SLICE - Trigger sample at slice number xx, (00 is the sample’s start, FF the last slice).
0Wxx - WIDTH - Track surround width.
0Bxx - BACKWARDS - Play sample backwards (B00) or forwards again (B01 during play when sample is playing backwards). Can also be combined with the 0Sxx effect.
0Lxx - LEVEL - Change the track pre-mixer’s volume (represents range from -INF to +3db).
0Qxx - QUEUE - Delay all notes by xx ticks.
0Rxy - RETRIGGER - Retrigger a note every y ticks with volume x
0Vxy - VIBRATO - Vibrato, a regular, pulsating change of pitch. (x = speed, y = depth).
0Txy - TREMOLO - Tremolo, a regular, pulsating change of volume. (x = speed, y = depth).
0Nxy - NO IDEA :) - Auto pan, looping from left to right. (x = speed, y = depth).
0Exx - ENVELOPE - Set sample envelope position to offset xx.
0Jxx - JACK - Set track’s output routing to channel xx (00 is the master track, other values refer to available channels of the soundcard).
0Xxx - XTERMINATE - Stop all effects and notes in the track when value is 00. Can also stop just a specific effect xx.

Isn’t the Pre-Mixer Volume (0Lxx) the same as the Channel Volume (0Mxx)?? Only Pre-Mixer faders are automatable and it affects the whole Channel/Track…

0Nxy - AUTO-PAN (Not very good I know!)

What if we get moar pattern command / fx in the future? For example something like a time-stretch effect, the T & S are already taken!

Oh, I am a bit late with this one. Is there a chance to find an option in the preferences to switch between old and new commands? I think it can get really confusing if you parallel work in other trackers with “old” commands.

I know this thread is over 2 years old but I just started Renoise and was doing some reading. Regarding coming up with something for 0Nxy, if you turn the N on its side you have an envelope that moved from left to right then back to left and then to the right (pretend you’re drawing a Z). That’s the first thing I thought of when I read it… :slight_smile:








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