Question about slice markers

Hello all.

I have a sample of a break, say at 120BPM. My track is much higher, say 160BPM. I understand that I can ‘beatsync’ the sample to play in time, albeit pitched up. When I use the slice marker command, each 1/16 bar is a new slice, and I have it set to play through the loop after the slice completes. However, when the loop plays, it is no longer beatsynced. It is at the original sample speed.

Is there any way to easily ‘beatsync’ these slices without re-rendering the sample at the new BPM? I ask because I want to do a lot of loop mangling without having to process my loops beforehand each time.



I tried using Duplex but it isn’t doing exactly what I want. What I want is the ability to trigger (live with midi) playback of a sample at a particular slice marker or sample offset. I want this sample to be beatsynced and I want it to continue playing through the slice and then looping the entire sample again. Anyone know how to do this?

If you beatsynced a full breakbeat to (for example) 512 lines, you would probably have to divide the 512 by the amount of slices you have cut them up to and set the beatsync to that new lower value. (if you evenly sliced them) otherwise it is tinkering with the beatsync setting for each slice. You don’t need to rerender the sample unless you want to achieve a speed that the maximum beatsync value (512 lines) cannot accomplish. But usually this means getting the pitch lower and you were speaking of a higher pitch, which is easy to accomplish by lowering the beatsync value.

You can also set up individual loop settings for each slice. You can’t make it jump to play the complete original sample again though, this is a thing you really have to accomplish by using the pattern editor or setting up a phrase that triggers the slices to create different motives.