Apply beatsync to slices

so, let’s say I have a sample loop of 16 beats… but the tempo is 128 bpm

so… beatsync it to my project tempo, 124 bpm

all good by now.
but why the hell aren’t the slices i make in that loop beatsynced? GIVE ME ONE situation when this would be usefull?

same problem in these topics:

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I suspect it is because the sampler is non-destructive unless you go to the sampler window, then sample list and highlight them then select destructively render. You have to manually commit to destructive render and forcing the slices to conform to sync would be destructive.

If the slices are perfect divisions of a bar then highlight all the slices and then beat sync them to whatever division you need. If not, then it is fairly quick to set the beatsync per slice.

thanks. a bit clumsy behaviour of renoise, but ok… it’s a workaround.

I have another clumsy and possibly obvious workaround if you’re interested: first I beat-sync the loop in the sampler. Then — without slicing yet — I add a note to the pattern editor as if I wanted to play the whole loop (at the new tempo). Still in the pattern editor, I’ll highlight the column to the length of the whole loop, right-click and “render to sample”, which creates a new sample in a new instrument slot. Only then, as a new beat-sync’d sample, I will slice it.

This isn’t at all elegant, but at least it’s better than the S commands strategy in my opinion, because sometimes with S commands you can get clicking, while with slicing you can snap to 0 crossings and avoid that. I am constantly resampling throughout my process, so it’s not too big a deal to do this.


thanks for the tip. this helps, but what about if the sample is longer than the maximum pattern length?
a “render sample like it’s pitched” would be a good addition to the sample editor imho…

Yeah, I don’t think it’ll work on samples that are longer than the pattern lengths — I usually work with drum loops that are only 2-4 bars long. One hard part might be highlighting across multiple patterns and i don’t think that’s supported. I know there’s “Autoseek” where a sample can span across more than one pattern, but I think that’s for playback only — not sure if you can render to sample without doing a full-blown render of the project.

I think the max pattern length is 512 lines and you can change you number of lines per beat (LPB), so maybe you can have a separate Renoise session with long patterns just for converting these samples… Of course, this isn’t unlimited, so you might still run into cases where it doesn’t fit.

How about you just cut your original samples into chunks that fit in your pattern length? Isn’t the goal to slice them anyway?

Personally I wish I could find some command line utility for timestretching/beat sync, so I could write quick scripts to process these things in batches, but this is totally off topic :slight_smile:

somethng like this? → Rubberband timestretch & pitch shift | Renoise

I meant more like the beat sync feature we’re talking about, but something I could run in a terminal (probably outside of Renoise) so I could just loop over a bunch of files and beat-sync stuff in batches. Basically I would like to automate the clumsy process I was describing because as we’re discussing this I’m remembering that I have like 800+ drum break loops from old funk records that I would like to use for jungle/dnb :slight_smile:

new link:




Epic, thanks for this!!!