Question before I start scripting a tool

Hello everyone,

I am a software and fullstack web developer and I would like to start scripting tools for renoise, but …

I would really like this feature as described in this post:
Idea: Add a new “Rows Divider” in Pattern Editor

But reading the documentation I think I have unfortunately understood that it would be impossible:

What’s NOT possible with Renoise tools:

  • Change Renoise’s existing behaviour. Like, you can’t make all C-4s in the
    pattern editor yellow instead of white. You can write your own pattern
    editor, but not change the existing one.

Would you please clarify this point before I waste time?

Thank you in advance

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I can confirm, you can’t change the pattern editor visually.

You can only access and modify pattern data and other properties of Renoise or create your own separate GUI.

too bad, would be an excellent feature & one I’ve wished for more than once

thank you for your quick response