Quick Questions Thread

Hello, I thought a “quick questions” thread would be nice, since there are always little issues and questions that pop in my mind which I don’t always want to make a thread for. I think other people especially the beginners will also like this. :)

So my question is: I want to put a reverb on my snare drum, not permanently but just on a few hits in the track. The problem is, how do I put the reverb off, without abruptly quitting the reverb echo? I don’t want to make an extra track for this little effect…

Hmm… Still the best (and only?!) way to do it is with sends. You just feed the hits you want to a send where you have your reverb.

Okay, how do I do this? I have never worked with Send tracks…

If you already have a send track in you project (if you don’t - set the cursor to your master track and hit CTRL + T) then insert a Send-Device to your snare track switch to “Keep Source” mode. Navigate to the send track and add a reverb. And that’s it. Now you can automate the amount of the signal which goes to the reverb.

Manual page about Send Device

Thanks, but it just doesn’t work how I imagine it.

I want it this way:

Let’s say, I want the first 2 drum hits in the track reverbed, but not the following ones. Problem is, the following drum hits trigger when the reverb of the first 2 drum hits is still hearable. I just want the reverb echo of the first 2 drum hits fade out normally without affecting the third drum hit… That’s why I asked if this is possible without an extra track??

what’s wrong with the budget way of adding an extra track in the pattern editor specifically for these kind of things?

You can do it using sends, check out the first post in this thread and check out the .xrns:


If you automate the ‘Wet Mix’ parameter of the reverb, then you can apply it selectively to different hits in your pattern, all from within a single track. You can turn it on for certain hits, then off for others, and this won’t interrupt the reverb tail.

If you want more flexibility, however, then you can put the reverb on a send track and set its ‘Dry Mix’ to 0%. Insert a send device with ‘Keep Source’ enabled on your snare track, and then automate the send amount to vary how much effect you want. The end result is the same, but you also gain the ability to use send devices on any other tracks you want to apply reverb to. By sending multiple sounds to the same reverb, it can help to create a tighter and more unified sound, and you also save some CPU since you’re only using one reverb DSP.

An example of the various methods:

Thank you, this helped :)

That was exactly what I was trying to explain.