Quit Making Music

I saw many adds of people selling their home-studio.
I also had some drawbacks but never gave up this great hobby.
unless I get older and older and never get much respect for my work.

my question to you all is:
have you ever thought of quitting making music?
and why?

9 years ago I lost all my music and samples and all my backups. It was so angry and I felt so depressed about it that I gave up. I mean, I sometimes played my guitar, but nothing about sequencing or tracking songs.

Last year I started again. I have a friend who is a pop producer and musician and he encourages me to do anything about it… new ideas, covers, whatever… just to get working on music again.

Yes I have but luckily I didn’t quit :)

I love making music more than anything else but at the same time it gives me agony because there is so much to learn and I feel that I will never learn everything… Something like that…

Second reason is that my self-reliance goes up and down like a sine wave from week to week but I learn new stuff every day and every time I make a great song (at least I think that my music is kind of great sometimes ^_^ ) I feel rewarded. Nowdays I have learned to live with it but when I’m in a low it’s not so fun.

i quit regularly but experience has taught me it’s usually a really bad idea selling any gear when you’re in this mood

i think if you’ve been doing music long enough, you know you’ll always come back to it… i often speak to electronic/dance producers who’ve quit computers/synths and gone to study classical or jazz music seriously; some who’ve gone off and got into guitars or drumming

i’m doing music at the moment but i wouldn’t say i really enjoy the process much, it’s more of a compulsion… i’m acting and screenwriting too, so if i get more regular work doing those things i’ll probably move music down my list of priorities and quit for prolonged periods… how difficult it can be making a living doing music is one reason, the antisocial lifestyle and weird hours are another, but i still always come back to it - seems to give me something i don’t get from anything else

I think I’ll never quit, my activity may become faint though.

Two things I don’t understand:

how not to make music

why a studio is necessary to make music

:D :D :D :D :D

And to answer the original question: fuck no :D

I was classically trained in piano from age 5 to 11. My parents pushing me to practice every day is what made me quit my lessons and music all together. Age 15 rolls around and I start picking up guitar and bass until I’m 18, and call music quits again. I turn 20 and get into DAWS and MIDI controllers and it’s been that way for 3 years now. At that point I pretty much got sucked back into it to where soon I’ll be going to school and making a career out of it ( FOH Engineering for touring bands and Producing ). I’ve no backup plan or money to get additional schooling on a supposed backup plan, so calling it quits isn’t an option anymore for me hehe

The life story wasn’t intended, but I like to think one can learn best from oneself

Sometimes I’m curious about other things which I want to try out and explore… like writing, acting, painting… Sometimes I’m thinking about quitting music for a while and do something fresh.

when I got connected to the Internet, on 1995, I discovered the tracking community and found out that, while I was using Fast Tracker I, everyone was using FT2.02 or Impulse Tracker that days, and while I was struggling to compose using my restricted collection of floppy samples, everyone was swapping samples via the net.

when I listened to the first 16 channels based module, I was going to throw everything out of the window, but soon an inside voice forced me to keep with it and become part of the Renoise team. When, six years later, Renoise came to the light, everything was finally clear to me :)

I never thought about quitting it, cause I really enjoy the process. However, I have been in and out for years at a time, so I guess you don’t have to think about it to actually quit.
I freelance book illustrations, clip art and game graphics for living, PLUS I have a full time job as a flash programmer, so sometimes I just don’t have the time for tracking. Doubt that I’d really ever lose interest, tho.

A hardware studio can be an extension to your creativity, on the fly sound design without the hassle of searching samples that might fit your ideas…
Sometimes I’m just playing with control voltages on my Moog’s without actually creating music but it helps getting me fresh ideas. :)

I think there can be 2 different reasons why people quit music production… The first reason is that many people are not serious about it, it isn’t easy all the time and they don’t push it enough so they just quit.
The second reason is a relationship, or worse, a wife and kids (including a dog, station wagon and living in a suburb). It seems making music cannot be part of this social “utopia”…

I never thought about quitting music by the way, as they say in poker, I’m pot committed… :P
I’ve invested over €20.000,- in music the last 10 years and I have and will never regret that.

I did quit my social life some years ago. :walkman:


i heard someone say that it doesn’t matter that much how good you are as long as you keep committed/focused/feeling it 24/7 etc… and to be prepared to SACRIFICE all that needs to be… THOU SHALL SUFFER, then at one point suddenly you are one of the few remaining. you know… those who choose to be successful with their art./.


well… that’s what i heard… i guess you need some luck and actual ‘skill’ also… know some people that are further along the road than you so you can learn from them.

… and you need to suck up to the right people… your average music-network-whore is more succesful
than any talented genious without extensive social skills…

but what is succes anyway

i actually often think about quitting music. right now i’m going to school studying music production and sound design. this is my dilemma…i can go to school, and do music all day, then come home and do music homework, and then after that if i do have free time i HAVE to make music. i feel like i’m failing myself if i’m not working at my craft. i feel like if i do not give it 100% all the time then i will never make it. this results in me never having time for anything else, like cleaning my house, socializing with people, etc. because any time i could be doing music and choose not to, i feel unhappy. but then i also feel unhappy that i can’t manage my life with these other elements…anybody know what i mean?

i find…if i were studying to become a doctor, i could go to school, do the homework, then if i have free time kick back and drink a beer and not worry. but with music, when i’m done school and homework, i have to continue making music…

i dunno, i’m just ranting i guess. it’s like, you know the feeling when you work at a job for a year or two and you feel like you own the place because you know exactly what you are doing. you look at those new people just hired and you feel completely superior because you just get it. you understand everything there is to know about your job. it’s kind of a nice feeling. with music i will never have that. i don’t think anyone ever does, it’s just a constant state of never being good enough.

i love it, and i always will. i don’t think i could survive without it. but sometimes i wonder what it would have been like to be a normal kid in high school, just go out and party with friends rather than sit in my basement with absynth and ableton…

yeah seem like it… i’m not that good enough with the social part… or the genius part. :P but working on it…

what is succes ?

yeah that’s a pretty loaded term… (lolz)

something like when you reach your personal goals/desires step by step ?

My dad keeps threatening to sell all his equipment… mainly 'cause he wants me to play country music with him on stage, and I won’t touch that scenario with a 10 mile pole… I’m half tempted to say “sell that shit already so I can scoop up your mics and that fucking drum machine you don’t use, but won’t give me”

I’ve thought about quitting many times. I’m not sure when or where my enthusiasm about composing went away. I suppose I’ve grown way too critical with time, and being more on the pessimistic side, I often approach any new idea with the notion that it will most probably suck. So, you know, why bother then?

Most of the people who have heard my music claim it’s good and original and stuff, I often get invitations for live sets, etc. However, this doesn’t make me any more confident in what I do. That pessimistic thing in me again, I guess.

So, cutting it short, I seldom finish tracks nowadays. I just play around with some idea, I even enjoy it sometimes, but it invariably hits a brick wall. The wall with “why bother, it will suck anyway” written all over. I’ve got hundreds of one-pattern tracks as a result. And the ones that do get finished, only close friends get the chance to hear them. I don’t have any urge to release them publicly.

So, yeah… I’m like a step away from actually quitting. But still, I can’t do it yet. I guess something optimistic lurks inside. :)

i havent thought of quitting music. i do cycle through different things with it though, i havent bothered to setup my decks and dj for ages, and my guitar which i havent played for ages ive been picking up the last few weeks instead of bashing out something on renoise. also i paint and ive done writing in the past. all of these things tie together in a way, because you can try and get the same aesthetic you make with art in your music etc. this week i went walking up in the peak district, even that feeds into the creative process in a way. i can’t make art which is only about the technical process, although i think there is something to be said sometimes for art which is about that obsessive focus on the technical process too. i’ll shut up now before i start with the timothy leary trees atomic electronic consciousness bullshit. :P